Scott Sloan

Scott Sloan

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6-13-24 Scott Sloan Show

6-13-24 Sloan with Julie Calvert

Scott is joined by the CEO of Visit Cincy Julie Calvert to discuss the formation of the Cincinnati Sports Commission with the goal to attract large events like the NFL draft and WWE PLEs to the Queen City.

6-12-24 Scott Sloan Show

Scott discusses what could happen should a Convention of States be called. Also attorney Edwin Walker discusses what the conviction of Hunter Biden means for gun owners, and CNET's Dashia Milden gives you the best apps to bank with.

6-12-24 Scott Sloan: 3 Things With Tiff Potter

Scott and Tiff discuss fans running on the field, Father's Day plans, the exploding Cincinnati movie scene, and more.

6-11-24 Scott Sloan Show

Scott discusses what Ohio lawmakers are doing to protect our kids from obscene material in school with Rep Adam Matthews. Also Diana Telles previews what a Convention of States could look like, and Councilmember Seth Walsh explains what is happening with the Ault Park fireworks.

6-11-24 Sloan with Adam Matthews

What are we doing to protect our kids in school from obscenity and pornography? Ohio Rep Adam Matthews joins Scott to discuss why Ohio lawmakers are taking another look about when nudity can be present in school, and why the law needs changed now.

6-10-24 Scott Sloan Show

Scott breaks down the weekend in sports with Austin and Sara, previews an ESPN 30-for-30 on an Ohio State athlete coming out tomorrow, and reaction from the father of a murdered girl finally getting some justice almost a decade later.

6-10-24 Sloan with Richard Harrsion

Do you really know what is in your drinking water? Scott brings on the executive director for the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission Richard Harrison to discuss if Ohio's drinking water is safe to use.

5-28-24 Scott Sloan Show

Sloan discusses the coming debt crisis in America with Les Rubin. Also Dr Sal Giorgianni tells us if Ozempic is really the wonder drug it is made out to be. Finally Jeremy Adams tells us who are the all time great Americans.

5-28-24 Sloan with Dr Sal Giorgianni

Is Ozempic really the best option for weight loss? Scott brings on Dr Sal Giorgianni to discover the truth about this wonder drug.