Scott Sloan

Scott Sloan

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9-28-23 Scott Sloan Show

9-28-23 Sloan with rep Allison Russo

Scott discusses the creation of new electoral maps for Ohio, and attempts to gerrymander them with Ohio Assembly minority leader Allison Russo.

9-27-23 Scott Sloan Show

Scott gets updates on the Convention Center and Paycor Stadium from Denise Drihaus, discusses the Senate dress code with Julie Bauke, and Chris Ventura from the Consumer Energy Alliance tells us if gas prices are going to get higher.

9-27-23 Sloan with Denise Drihaus

What does the future hold for the Hamilton County Convention Center and Paycor Stadium? Scott welcomes on Hamilton County Commissioner Denise Drihaus to discuss the current status of these projects.

9-26-23 Scott Sloan Show

Scott breaks down a big win for the Bengals last night with Rick Ucchino and Austin Elmore. Also the future of the GOP with Carl Delfield, and Caroline Moore of the Parents Defending Education talks about what is being taught in school.

9-26-23 Sloan with Carl Delfield

What is the future of the GOP? Scott is joined by Carl Delfield to describe what the Republican party must do to get back on track heading into 2024.

9-25-23 Scott Sloan Show

Sloanie previews tonight's Bengals v Rams game on Monday Night Football with Austin Elmore Sara Elyse, and James Rapien. Also Julie Hattershire helps with your mental health, and Jess Ward from the NTUF tell s us how the government can help lower healthcare costs.

9-25-23 Sloan with Jess Ward

Why are insurance rates eating up so much of your check? Scott brings on Jess Ward from the National Taxpayers Union Foundation to tell us what the government can and should do to lower healthcare costs.

9-22-23 Scott Sloan Shoiw

Scott discusses the employment situation at Google with Andrea Willis, previews the Bengals and Bearcats with Austin Elmore and Dan Hoard, and Your weekly entertainment report with Allie Martin and Jason Nathanson.

9-22-23 Sloan with Dan Hoard

Will he, or won't he play on Monday? As Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow recovers a calf injury. Bengals play-by-play commentator Dan Hoard joins Scott to discuss the Bengals chances without number 9, and preview the Bearcats first official Big 12 football game tomorrow.