Scott Sloan

Scott Sloan

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4-12-24 Scott Sloan Show

4-12-24 Sloan with Seth Walsh

A report was released earlier this week about how the city of Cincinnati handles it's business. The results were not good for the city. Congressman Seth Walsh breaks down the report with Scott, and discusses what the city needs to do to improve.

4-11-24 Scott Sloan Show

Scott discusses what AI can do to your phone with Lisa Eadicicco from CNET. Also Dr Robin Rayfield discusses why the Ohio teachers pension fund in running out, and Dr Julie Gartza has everything you need to know about farting!

4-11-24 Sloan with Dr. Robin Rayfield

Is the Ohio teachers pension fund running out of money? Scott is joined by retired teacher and Ohio Retired Teachers Association President Dr Robin Rayfield to discuss what is being done to help out retired teachers.

4-10-24 Scott Sloan Show

Scott discusses the future of the gun control debate. Also Julie Bauke joins Scott to discuss if you should be free to use any of you time off for whatever you want.

4-10-24 Sloan with Spike Cohen

The gun debate has advanced as two parents in Michigan were convicted for their child shooting up his school. Scott brings on Spike Cohen to break down if we will see more or less of this.

4-9-24 Scott Sloan Show

Jason Phillabaum breaks down the Walmart settlement. Brad Stuart talks about the eclipse. Three things with Sara Elyse. Simply Money, presented by Allworth Financial, talks about the latest economic news. Sloan talks about college debt. George Ruel discusses the allegations against the fired NKU WBB coach.

4-8-24 Scott Sloan Show

Scott breaks down the weekend in sports with Austin Elmore and Sara Elyse. Also the things you need to know for a healthy relationship with Julie Hattershire, and Steve Raleigh and Dean Regas have all the information you need to know for Eclipse 2024.

4-5-24 Scott Sloan Show

Scott discusses the future of the Bengals stadium deal with Commissioner Denise Driehaus, Monday's eclipse with the Director of the Cincinnati Observatory Anna Hehman, and Nicole Avena says why you shouldn't try to completely cut sugar out of your life.

4-5-24 Sloan with Denise Driehaus

Scott discusses the future of the Bengals stadium deal with Hamilton County Commission DEnise Driehaus following the events that unfolded in Cleveland and Kansas City recently.