EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Touring 700WLW's Historic Transmitter and Mammoth Tower

(Mason) -- The gigantic Blaw-Knox antenna is about 300 feet higher than the Washington Monument, rising 831 feet over the Cincinnati suburb of Mason.

A little brick building nearby sends 50,000 watts of power to the enormous diamond-shaped tower. At one time it delivered a massive 500,000 watts of power to cover much of the United States with 700WLW's programs. It was and still is "The Nation's Station."

The studios have changed locations many times over the years but 700WLW's signal has originated from the same place in Mason since 1928. Amazingly not much has changed there, as news anchors Brian Combs and Matt Reis discovered during a tour conducted by 700WLW's chief engineer Dave Abbott on May 12, 2022.

In the video and photos below, we explore the heart of the Big One. We walk with the ghosts of station founder Powell Crosley, the engineers, programmers, producers, sales professionals, actors, disc jockeys, talk show hosts, news anchors and reporters who have served millions of 700WLW listeners over the past 100 years.

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