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YELP reviews for 2-23


NEW! Moerlein's Beer Locker Program (Downtown)

What: Grab a stein for your very own Beer Locker inside Moerlein Lager House! Moerlein is now

accepting members for a Beer Locker Program, a prestigious beer society for the absolute

Cincinnati beer enthusiast. No more hauling around your stein just to enjoy a fresh Moerlein

Lager House brew. Now, you can purchase a locker to keep your commemorative Rookwood

Stein in. Join the program for $100 and receive a custom Moerlein Rookwood Stein, private

beer locker and a Mug club Membership with exclusive benefits.

Where: Moerlein Lager House

Dates: Saturday, February 24th 12pm-3pm

Cost: Join the program for $100 and receive a custom Moerlein Rookwood Stein, private beer

locker and a Mug club Membership with exclusive benefits.

Winter Walk at Spring Grove Cemetery (Northside)

What: Experience a revitalizing walk through the pine trees of Spring Grove Cemetery and

Arboretum as Director of Horticulture, Dave Gressley, takes you through the towering

trees,soothing lakes and winding roads of this National Historic Landmark.

Where: Spring Grove Cemetery

Dates: Sunday, Feb 25th 10am - 12pm

Cincinnati Home & Garden Show (Downtown)

What: Get ready to refresh your space! The Cincinnati Home & Garden Show returns to the

Duke Energy Convention Center February 24-25 & March 1-4, 2018. Find fresh inspiration,

helpful tips, innovative products and fantastic deals in remodeling, home improvement, decor

and outdoor spaces with hundreds of experts all under one roof.

Where: Duke Energy Convention Center

When: Saturday, February 24th: 10am - 9pm

Sunday, February 25th: 10am - 6pm

Thursday, March 1st: 11am-8pm

Friday, March 2nd: 11am - 8pm

Saturday, March 3rd: 10am - 9pm

Sunday, March 4th: 10am - 6pm

Dates: Save $2 and buy online! $6 - $11



Keystone Bar & Grill (Corryville + Hyde Park + Covington)

- Cooked up in a cast iron skillet, their mac is cooked to cheesy perfection and the unique

flavors will have you craving for more.

- Powerhouse - Buffalo Chicken + Stout-braised Beef + Jalapenos + Crumbled Bleu

Cheese mac that is topped with Keystone Chips

- PRO TIP: Mac Mondays - Half-Price Mac & Cheese w/ beverage purchase until 11pm at

all locations

- You can also shop their mac in Krogers stores! They have their BBQ & Bacon flavor and

Buffalo Bleu in-stores.

The Eagle (OTR)

- Made in house every day, The Eagle’s sides are modern takes on down-home favorites.

And we’re talking about a FIVE CHEESE mac and cheese topped with garlic


- Also keep an eye for their seasonal macs - like this pimento mac and cheese kicked up

their classic mac to the next level!

Court Street Lobster Bar (Downtown)

- Court Street Lobster Bar is a GAME CHANGER for us midwesterns who only can dream

of having fresh seafood like this, considering Cincinnati is landlocked

- Order yourself up a fresh Maine Style lobster roll (1/4 lb Maine Lobster, Chilled Lemon

Mayo, Wacky Pea Tendrils) or Connecticut style (1/4 lb Maine Lobster, Hot

Seasoned Clarified Butter, Wacky Pea Tendrils), they’ll both come perfectly toasted

and crispy roll of flavor explosion

- Then add on a side of that lobster mac - 5 Cheese Sauce, Maine Lobster, Wacky Pea


Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse (Downtown)

- The mac and cheese at Jeff Ruby’s is hands down dreamy with the blends of the six

imported cheeses with the hard bread rub crust in the cast iron skillet. It’s hard to beat.

- Food Network named it Cincinnati’s most magnificent side!

Pontiac (OTR)

- Pontiac is Wings, bourbon, BBQ.

- Order up your favorite smoked meats or BBQ sammies at Pontiac and pick the mac as

your fixin’ on the side (the mac is topped with bacon!)

- PRO TIP: Spring for the brisket at Ponitac. Yelpers claim it is consistently soft, tender

and juicy, absolute perfection, and it rivals the best you will find in Texas.

Incline Public House (Downtown)

- GRIPPOS MAC AND CHEESE! No mac and cheese dish is more cincinnati than this! A

macaroni and cheese topped with grippos chips - and somehow this is a side option at

the foodie spot with a view up on the hill

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