Best Food Challenges In The Cincinnati Area


Giuseppe's Neighborhood Pizzeria (Covington)

The Challenge:

- The Legend of the Drunken Fireman – A 20 inch, 20 topping, 7 pound pizza that you have to finish in 59 minutes or less! AND ONLY ONE PERSON CAN ATTEMPT, call ahead if you are willing to take the challenge!


- Succeed and the pizza is free and you are gifted with a t-shirt. Failure:

- Go down in flames? You owe $50 for the pizza.

Padrino Italian (Milford)

The Challenge:

- Spaghetti and Meatball Challenge - 2 lbs of Spaghetti, 1 lb of meatballs, 1 lb of marinara and garlic knots. 45 minute time limit, no excusing yourself from the table and NO RETURNS... if you know what I mean.


- Finish and it’s FREE! Plus receive a free t-shirt and your picture on the wall of fame.

Failure:- Fail to finish in it under 45 minutes and you pay the $30 price tag.

Roc-A-Fellas Pizza (Sharonville)


- The Bronx Bomber - 18 inches of pepperoni, sausage, ham and bacon stuffed between two crusts. With each slice weighing nearly a pound, it will fit even the largest appetite. Basically a calzone disguised as a pizza.

Cost:- $26.99

Sub Station II (Florence, KY)

The Challenge:

- The Monster Sub Challenge - A 31⁄2 lb double decker version of their famous #19 Super Special which includes; ham, salami, pepperoni, turkey, bologna, capicola and cheese. Condiments include; lettuce, tomato, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and oregano. Add in a pound of fresh cooked fries and a large drink, with no ice, brings the total meal to 71⁄4 lbs! All to finish in under 60 minutes.


- A free t-shirt and a picture on the wall if finished in under an hour.


- YOU JUST FAIL.. And pay.