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Events This Weekend from Cincy Cindy of Yelp

Fandom: Star Wars   (Mt. Adams)

What:  This alternative gallery conversation aims to bring together fans of art and popularculture. Gather your storm troopers and join CAM for a patrol through the galleries, as they findart that relates to this timeless saga from a galaxy far, far away.

Where: Cincinnati Art Museum Dates:   Saturday, Jan 28, 2:00 pm to 3:00 pmCost: Free but reservations required.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid  (Aronoff Center)

In a magical kingdom fathoms below, we meet Ariel, the little mermaid who is tired of flipping her fins and longs to be part of the fascinating world on dry land. Joining her are Sebastian,Ariel's crabby sidekick; Ursula, the evil sea witch; Triton, King of the Sea and the handsome and human Prince Eric. Based on the Disney animated film and hit Broadway musical. Dive on in! Life is the bubbles, under the sea!


Pontiac Bourbon & BBQ  (OTR)

  • -  This place is the place of BBQ dreams. Their brisket is slices of heaven that you dip in tasty

    tasty BBQ sauce. The wings are to die for and the Tiki drinks a so fun delicious and custom


  • -  Looked for the carb cheat eat - order the redneck frito pie. T  heir signature BBQ,coleslaw, shredded cheese and chili on top of Fritos that you dump out of the bagand dip away at.

    Bard’s Burgers  (Latonia)

  • -  Deep fried twinkie, oreos, cheese curds.

  • -  Bardzilla Challenge: 12 burgers, 2lbs of fries on FB LIVE. Free burger for life club.

    Flipdaddy’s  (multiple locations)- The MAC DADDY: Grilled Mac and Cheese Burger.

Trotta's Pizza  (Westwood)

  • -  Great greasy drive-thru pizza by the slice. Don't be frightened that it is a drive through

    pizza/beer joint. First off the slice is huge, second it is Hot like piping hot, Third it is


  • -  Get the  Lotta Trotta pizza option and have some friends over! A sheet cake pizza

    that is awesome, delicious and obviously HUGE and can feed a lot of people.

  • -  One of the best beer selections on the west side. Viva la Trotta's!

    Chandler's Burger Bistro  (Cleves)

  • -  Chandler's offers a plethora of unique burgers most of which are named after fun

    Cincinnati mascots and characters such as The Panther, named for the Elder HighSchool Panthers, The Highlander, named for the Oak Hills High School Highlanders, andThe Melt St. Joe, named for The College Of Mount Saint Joseph.

  • -  But the holy grail favorite is,  The Who Dey Burger. Named for the Cincinnati Bengalsand features fried Gouda cheese bites, lettuce, applewood smoked bacon, and adelicious spicy sauce.

Hitching Post (California)

- If you're looking for an old-fashioned greasy spoon, this is a great place, especially for

take-out, and  ESPECIALLY for their fried chicken.  The Hitching Post has top notchfried chicken. Great dive restaurant to visit, dine in or take out. Food always comes outfresh and homemade.

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