Mike McConnell

Mike McConnell

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Mike McConnell 12/6/2023

Mike McConnell 12/1/2023

Friday's with Kevin Carr and Beer Dave!

Mike McConnell 11/29/2023

Mike talks all things Reds and Redsfest with Karen Forgus.

11-27-23 Mike McConnell in the Morning

ABC`s Steve Roberts joins the show to discuss Palestine. Bengals Report and Replay.

Steve Hawkins in for Mike 11/24/2023


Mike McConnell 11/22/2023

The latest in new movies from Kevin Carr. Beer Dave calls in to talk about a "turkey drop" happening in Hamilton...and the RETURN of DONNA!

11-20-23 Mike McConnell in the Morning

Steve Roberts and Mike talk about former First Lady Rosalynn Carter who passed away yesterday. Bengals Report.

Mike McConnell 11/16/2023


Mike McConnell 11/15/2023

Guns are being stollen out of cars in the Greater Cincinnati area at an alarming rate. Mike asks.... why are you leaving ANYTHING in your call in the first place?

11-14-23 Mike McConnell in the Morning

Mike McConnell talks with Anne Flaherty about the possibility of a government shutdown before Thanksgiving.