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Eddie & Rocky

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Eddie & Rocky w/ Dave Hatter -- 6/21/24

Eddie & Rocky -- 6/20/24

Eddie and Rocky discuss the importance of internet safety with Dr. Lisa Strohman and ABC News correspondent Brad Garrett, talk about the pillars of a healthy lifestyle with PJ Striet, and more on 700 WLW!

Eddie & Rocky: Wednesdays with Willie -- 6/20/24

Eddie and Rocky talk sports and life with Willie Cunningham, on 700 WLW!

Eddie & Rocky -- 6/19/24

Dan Carroll and Jason Williams fill in for Eddie and Rocky and talk Reds, Sunlite Pool, East Side vs West Side, and more on 700 WLW!

Eddie & Rocky -- 6/17/24

Eddie and Rocky talk about Caitlin Clark and the WNBA, your superstitions, carbon monoxide, rollercoasters, and more on 700 WLW!

Eddie & Rocky -- 6/14/24

Eddie and Rocky talk Bengals with James Rapien, UFO's with David MacDonald, chat with John Matarese, and more on 700 WLW!

Rocky & Jason -- 6/13/24

Rocky and Jason talk with Mike Petraglia, Susie Wagner, and Alex Stone. Plus, they take your phone calls on collectibles and more, on 700 WLW!

Rocky & Jason w/ Susie Wagner -- 6/13/24

Rocky and Jason talk with Susie Wagner from the Ohio Department of Commerce about the unclaimed funds in Ohio and how to claim them, on 700 WLW!

Rocky and Jason Williams -- 6/12/24

Jason Williams fills in for Eddie Fingers and co-hosts the Eddie and Rocky on today's show. Rock and Jason talk to Ohio Rep. Bob Peterson of District 91; the guys get a call from Eddie live from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to talk Mojo Nixon Day; Willie joins the show to talk about all the madness happening around the tristate; and Royal Oakes from ABC gives updates about Hunter Biden.

6-12-24 Rocky and Jason with Bob Peterson

Ohio is facing an invasion at it's southern border; by feral hogs. The guys are joined by Ohio Rep Bob Peterson to explain what Columbus is doing to address the problem.