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Eddie & Rocky

Weekdays 3 to 6pm on 700 WLW

Eddie & Rocky -- 9/26/23

9-25-23 Eddie & Rocky

Eddie and Rocky are joined by guests Charlie Goldsmith, Dean Regas, James Rapien and Jason Nathanson. Tune in!

Eddie & Jason -- 9/22/23

Eddie and Jason talk sports with Charlie Clifford and Rocky Boiman, get an update on Hawaii from Alex Stone, and talk patents with the patent professor John Rizvi on 700 WLW!

Eddie & Rocky--9/21/23

Eddie and Rocky talk about the new sphere in Las Vegas and the new fad "Fued". They also talk with Ken Flynn, Dr. Alex Del Carmen, Alex Stone, and Jason Hoffman.

Eddie & Rocky -- 9/20/23

Eddie and Rocky talk some baseball and Joe Burrow following the Reds loss, chat with Paul Dehner Jr., Alex Stone, and Dave Hatter on 700 WLW.

Eddie & Rocky -- 9/19/23

Eddie and Rocky talk with Tanya and take your calls on unruly fan behavior at Bengals games, chat with Dan Grazier about the missing F-35, and more on 700 WLW!

Eddie & Rocky: Tuesdays w/ Tanya -- 9/19/23

Eddie and Rocky talk with Tanya O'Rourke about unruly fans at NFL games, on 700 WLW.

Eddie & Rocky -- 9/18/23

Eddie and Rocky talk Bengals with Jason Williams and Dave Lapham, talk with Bill Dendy about the strikes across America, and Alex Stone checks in with an update on the murder of a California police officer, on 700 WLW!

Football Frenzy w/ Dan, Jason, and Mo -- 9/15/23

Dan Carroll, Jason Williams, and Mo Egger broadcast LIVE from The Holy Grail at the Banks as we head into the weekend of the Bengals home opener on 700 WLW!

Rocky & Jason -- 9/14/23

Rocky and Jason follow Reds baseball by talking health and fitness with PJ Striet, and wagering on sports with Jason Hoffman on 700 WLW.