VIDEO: This Bee Swarm Has Chosen a Very Unusual Place

NOT where you want bees to swarm... According to the original post:

In India, local residents are actively sending video from phone to phone with a bee swarm, which has sat on a delicate area of ​​the human body.

The Minister of Youth and Sports Kiren Rijihu drew attention to these cadres. "This can only happen in Nagaland!" - He proudly wrote and published them on a social network.

The local press, referring to the incident, refers to Kiren Rijihu. Information on the further fate of the swarm of bees and their temporary carrier has not been received.

A swarm of bees flying out of a hive or nest settles, as a rule, on tree branches or their trunks, and sends scouts in search of a comfortable place. On his temporary abode, he can remain from several hours to a couple of days.