VIDEO: Kid Caught Up With Cell Phone Walks Off Train Platform, Onto Tracks

Another dummy staring at his phone while walking.... According to the original post:

A young resident of Yekaterinburg almost died under the wheels of a subway train, having gone headlong into the game on a smartphone. The surveillance camera took the moment the gamer fell from the platform.
The incident occurred on the afternoon of July 22 at the Chkalovskaya station. The frames show a nine-year-old boy walking along the platform, holding a phone in front of him with the application running. At some point he suddenly changed direction and did not notice how he was at the edge of the platform. After a moment, the child was already lying next to the contact rail.
The schoolboy got up on his own, picked up the fallen gadget and set off along the tracks. To get on the platform he was helped by another passenger, said .
Yuntsu was lucky - for him the incident managed without any consequences, but the mother of the gamer had to explain to the police for a long time.