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Rocky Boiman: Enough of the NFL Bashing

Enough, I've had it.

The past 24 hours has been nothing but incessant bashing of the NFL by the courageous heroes in the media, and the nameless/faceless ninnies on social media about how incompetent/racist/useless the League is and I'm sick of it   They aren't perfect but neither are you.  Yes the NFL has had some troubles the last two years of so on and off the field with their messaging but let's look at some of the great things they do that people seem to forget:

1.)  Just two days ago the NFL and its Players Coalition established a partnership to commit at least $90 million for efforts and programs combating social inequality.  $90 million yet crickets from everyone about it.

2.)  They employ close to 1,700 men and make them rich beyond their wildest dreams...money that pulls them and their family out of a generational downward spiral and allows them to rise above a situation that was never going to get better...money that will allow their children's children's children an advantageous head start in life.  Never mentioned.

3.)  The five year, $45 million commitment it gave in 2014 for its Heads up Football health and safety effort and youth and high school football programs.  Never mentioned.

4.)  The NFL Foundation that since 1973 has given more than $370 million to charities and youth football programs.  Never mentioned.

5.)  The international platform it gives its players to do millions of dollars of charitable efforts of their own.

These are just to name a few.  But all of this is met with condescending snark from people who don't make a fraction of the amount of difference the NFL makes in our world.  He who is perfect may continue casting stones.  How about the rest of us lay off a bit and get real.

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