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Rocky Boiman: My Thoughts on the Ennis Confession

"I was pissed, and I wanted to end him" -- Elissa Ennis, June 17, 2018

In February 2018, Elissa Ennis, the former girlfriend of 49ers LB Reuben Foster, made a shocking claim that he had dragged her down the stairs by her hair, threw her out of the house, punched her in the head eight to 10 times and spit on her.  Yesterday she testified that this never happened and that she "lied a lot" to authorities about the domestic violence incident.  Some other highlights from her shocking confession in court:

- she admitted to stealing over $8,000 from Foster and two Rolex watches

- after originally claiming Foster had broken her phone, she admitted that the phone was broke from her throwing it at Foster

- and then the kicker.... she admitted to falsely accusing another former boyfriend of domestic violence in Louisiana in 2011 after he attempted to break up with her!

But it's OK.  She told everybody in the court : "I am sorry.  I really am.  I apologize to everybody."

So that's it?  She attempts to ruin the lives of not one but TWO different men but she's sorry so it's ok?  Like it never happened?

And yet total crickets from the media.  Total silence from all the human rights warriors out there who were quick to wrap their arms around Ennis while damning Foster to hell. Reuben Foster's name (and the names of other men this happens to who are found to be innocent) is forever tarnished by allegations of this magnitude.  

This woman should be prosecuted to the fullest.  If not, what's to stop her or any other person from being so cavalier with a man's life?

Women who do this, totally disparage the amount of good that comes out of the #MeToo movement and other like causes.  Elissa Ennis has damaged the women's movement severely by her selfishness.  Situations like this make folks instinctively reluctant to believe a woman who comes forward in a true domestic violence situation, thus setting the cause back decades. Men who are found beyond reasonable doubt to abuse women SHOULD face the harshest of consequences.  However in the insanity that has arisen in the world lately, men are now tried, convicted, and crucified within seconds at the mere accusation of assault/abuse.  Dammit that's not right.  ANY person, male or female, should not have their entire lives and reputation ruined simply because of the hypersensitivity of these times we live in.

In today's world, with the amount of text messages, emails, surveillance videos, etc, it's hard to keep the truth from coming out.  Whether you are innocent or guilty, a camera is usually on you somewhere.  So with that said, can we not wait a minute for the facts before we convict?  

We must protect women from physical abuse but how do we stop men from being destroyed at the same turn?  

Will the Women's Movement rightfully scorn Ennis for scuttling their cause?

Will the social justice heroes in the media set the record straight on this man wrongfully accused?

Will the NFL learn to wait on suspending a player until the facts emerge?

Will all of us be reminded that we are innocent until proven guilty?

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