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Arizona Department of Transportation Posts UFO Photo

The Truth Is Out There. 

One of the biggest questions we face when looking up at the night sky is whether or not we are alone in this giant universe. But, even now, clear cut evidence of life beyond the stars remains elusive. But stories like Roswell, Area 51 and the Phoenix Lights have ignited conspiracy theorists' imaginations with the idea of aliens walking  among us and visiting Earth on a regular basis. 

Apparently whoever runs the Arizona Department of Transportation remembers the Phoenix Lights releasing this eerie image around midnight last Tuesday of an Unidentified Flying Object over Phoenix.

Midnight musing: Is this the return of the Phoenix light(s)? We've been watching this light dive and swoop over Phoenix, just west of I-17 near Durango, for the past several minutes.

While the possibility of an alien race visiting Arizona might be exciting, some of Arizona's more skeptical residents thought aliens might be able to find a better destination after traveling thousands of light years. 

"People have drones, drones are everywhere anymore, could just have light on it for some reason, Amazon has been experimenting with drone delivery, Amazon main facility is out that way isn't it?," Liam Alepta wrote.

Others pointed out that if an alien species really did put together an interstellar craft to fly to earth, they could find a better destination than the Durango area. 

"Nope. Why would possible alien technology, advanced thousands, possibly millions of years into the future, bother to hang out around the Durango area?...that’d be a huge letdown for me..." Lauren wrote. 

The Phoenix Lights were an aerial phenomenon reported by thousands of people on March 13th, 1997. Lights of varying descriptions were reported by people in Phoenix Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. Witnesses say they saw a huge, V-shaped UFO moving across the state, making no sound. 

 There have been other sightings of the lights, but those occurrences have been explained. A repeat of the lights on February 6th, 2007 was blamed on flares being dropped by a F-16 aircraft training out at Luke Air Force Base. Another incident in 2008 was blamed on a resident that attached flares to helium balloons and releasing them in his backyard. 

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