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Bill Cunningham

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6-24-24 Bill Cunningham Show

6-24-24 Willie with Mary Olohan

As the Supreme Court prepares to tackle transgender treatments and the laws around them, Willie brings on Mary Olohan to discuss why these treatments should be barred for kids.

Live on Sunday Night with Bill Cunningham 6/23/2024

Will Biden be able to make it through the first debate? How quickly will the media declare him the winner? Jeff Crouere joins Willie to talk about Joe Scarborough acting like Baghdad Bob. Jason Isaac talks the EV disasters. Leland Vittert from NewsNation talks illegal pot and more.

6-21-24 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the latest in national politics with Leland Vittert, the Democrats attempts to knock Republicans out of the race in November with Jeff Crouere, and Dr Lakshmi Sammarco explains why you should try to avoid the heat this weekend.

6-21-24 Willie with Jeff Crouere

Willie brings on political commentator Jeff Crouere to discuss the ways the Democrats are trying to get Republicans out of the race come November.

6-20-24 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses electric vehicles viability with Dale Donovan, the hijacking of the media with attorney Todd McMurty, and Rep Adam Matthews discusses why Senator Bernie Sanders is in Ohio today campaigning.

6-20-24 Willie with Todd McMurty

Willie talks with attorney and author Todd McMurty about how the Democratic party has weaponized the mainstream media to spread falsehoods about the justice system, Republicans, and Donald Trump.

6-18-24 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the events in and around the greater Cincinnati area with Warren County Commissioner Dave Young, Columnist Josh Crawford discusses how crime will effect November's election. Finally, Jason Isaac joins Willie to break down what happens if we switch fully to electric vehicles.

6-18-24 Willie with Josh Crawford

Willie talks with columnist Josh Crawford about how crime looks to play in November's election.

6-17-24 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses how the lack of police is leading to more violence in the community with WLWT's Brian Hamrick. Also Michael Letts describes how the Justice Department is lying about crime statistics, and Willie describes Joe Biden's latest public "senior moment".