Man Going Viral For His Five-Inch-Long Thumb

If you ever decide to go hitchhiking, you might want to become friends with Jacob Pina. This week, the college student went viral on TikTok because of his massive thumb, which measures a whopping five inches long. That's nearly twice the length of an average man's thumb, which typically stretches just 2.74 inches.

Pina, who is from West Port, Massachusetts, posted some videos of his abnormally large digit, joking that he has never lost a thumb war. Since he put up his first video, he's gone from 70 followers to 155,000. Jacob doesn't know why his thumb is longer than most, but says it's been that way all his life.

He's proud of his thumb and is now happily known as "Thumb Boy." Many of his videos center on his curious digit:

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Photo: YouTube

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