A Record Crowd at US Bank Arena for the President.

A record crowd inside US Bank arena for the President and Vice President. Donald Trump came to Cincinnati to promote his reelection campaign and ask voters for four more years in the White House. The President joked during his hour long speech that he was trying to avoid any controversy and said he was sorry that some people lined up to get inside the arena could not get in.

There were some protesters escorted out of U-S Bank Arena last night for disrupting the President's speech. At one point the President stopped speaking until the men were removed and then said it must be taking so long because Cincinnati has a democrat for a Mayor.

There was one arrest outside US Bank Arena after a man attacked one of the protesters who were demonstrating against the Presidents appearance here.

29 year old Dallas Frazier of Georgetown Kentucky is waking up this morning in the Hamilton County Justice Center. He will be arraigned on a charge of assault this afternoon.

While in Cincinnati, the President talked to Newsradio 700WLW's Bill Cunningham in an exclusive interview. You can hear it live today at 12:06 during the Cunningham show.

Bill Cunningham and President Trump

Bill Cunningham and President Trump