VIDEO: Daredevil Wallenda Siblings Tight-Rope Across Times Square

A daredevil sibling duo is tight-roping across Times Square. Crowds gathered Sunday to watch Nik Wallenda and his sister Lijana cross a thin steel cable, 25-stories above New York City. The siblings started on opposite sides of the wire and worked their way toward the middle, then Lijana sat down while Nik crossed over her. Nik took just under 26 minutes to cross the 1300-foot tight-rope. Lijana made it across in just over 36 minutes. Two years ago, Lijana suffered a near fatal fall during a rehearsal for an eight-person pyramid stunt to break a Guinness World Record in Florida. Last night's stunt marked her first public walk since that tragic fall. The Wallendas come from a family of circus daredevils who have done a number of stunts, some of them resulting in their deaths.