32-Year-Old Colombian Woman Dies After 5 Hours of Drug Fueled Nonstop Sex

A 32-year-old Colombian woman died after going into cardiac arrest during a marathon five-hour drug fueled sex romp. The woman - known to her friends as "La Fiera" or "The Beast", a nickname which referred to her "very strong character" - was not formally identified with her birth name by Colombian officials. Apparently the young woman lost consciousness and begun "convulsing", her male partner called for emergency services then rushed her to a local hospital when the ambulance took too long to arrive. La Fiera died shortly there after. Her partner told authorities they had been having sex for five hours consecutively before she went into cardiac arrest. The two of them has taken various drugs to prolong the sex though officials have not yet specified which drugs. An investigation is underway to determine whether or not the unspecified drugs caused her heart to stop.