Ten-Year-Old Kentucky Boy Proves Tom Brady Is A Cheater In Science Fair

A ten-year-old boy has won his school's science fair after proving that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a cheater.  Ace Davis from Lexington, Kentucky hypothesized that "under-inflated footballs provide a competitive advantage in a game."  After several trials of throwing footballs at different PSI and measuring for distance and accuracy, Davis was able to gather his data.  He then used graphs and charts, to conclude that "The Patriots were found guilty of doctoring footballs, thus losing $1,000,000 and future draft picks," and proving that Tom Brady is indeed a cheater.  Davis will now move on to the district-level science fair where he's confident he can win, fair and square.  In 2016, the NFL suspended Brady for the first four games over the Deflategate controversy.  Brady and the Patriots came under fire for allegedly conspiring to deflate footballs during the AFC Championship in the 2014/2015 playoff season.