Former Trump Campaign Spokesman Accused Of Slipping Woman Abortion Pill

A former Trump campaign spokesman is being accused of slipping an abortion pill to his pregnant girlfriend.  According to court documents, Jason Miller is accused of putting the pill in a smoothie and then giving it to the unnamed woman.  The documents are attached to a custody battle between Miller and another Trump campaign staffer, A.J. Delgado.  She and Miller had an extramarital affair while on the campaign trail and conceived a son.  The documents reveal Miller and the unnamed woman met at an Orlando strip club prior to the campaign affair.  After the woman drank the smoothie she had to be taken to a hospital where she was said to have been bleeding heavily and went into a coma.  The documents reveal the abortion pill possibly reacted that way due to potential street drugs already in her system.  Miller quit his job as a political commentator on CNN following the allegations saying he wants to "focus on clearing his name."