Father And Daughter Attacked By Rabid Beaver

A Pennsylvania father and his seven year old daughter's relaxing outing in their kayaks took a scary turn. Dan Wherley says he was out with his daughter Layla and their dog when a beaver started scratching and biting at Wherley's kayak. Wherley says that at first he thought,"pretty cool - a beaver came up to us!" Pretty soon, though, he realized the beaver was attacking. After hitting the animal several times with his paddle, Wherley says, the beaver tried to get to little Layla in her Kayak. Eventually, Wherley was able to stave off the attacking critter, killing it before it could wander off and do any harm. Officials have confirmed the beaver was rabid. In the meantime Wherley's dog remained unharmed during the entire ordeal. He had gone off to hide in the bushes.