Germany Wants Taxpayers To Fund "Feminist Pornography"

German legislators are proposing a new law that would require German taxpayers to fund "feminist pornography" which would feature "fat, skinny, young and old people." The pornography would then run on Germany's state run television networks, ARD and ZDF, in an effort to fight sexism and inequality. 

According to the Daily Mail, Germany's younger legislators (who also happen to be the majority in the government) argue that "mainstream porn generally shows sexist and racial stereotypes in which consent is not a theme and certain 'optimal' body types are made as standard." Thus the German government is taking it upon itself to create porn that shows more realistic sexual encounters. 

One legislator involved in the process told the Daily Mail, "In feminist porn there are fat, skinny, young and old people and the sex is enjoyed by everyone. In mainstream porn, sex is like a competitive sport, the focus is only on the woman who often is humiliated, and contraception does not matter. Young people should get more access to feminist porn."

German adolescents who have watched porn say that they have "unrealistic imaginations of sexual life."

But Germany won't be the first European country to publicly fund pornography if the law passes, that honor belongs to Sweden. In 2009, the Swedish government spent more than $100,000 to produce alternative adult films aimed at fighting sexism.