UC Caught In Title IX Nightmare

Prepare to have your mind-blown... Recently a female student was suspended from the University of Cincinnati after a male student accused her of sexual misconduct. The incident stemmed from a drunken hook-up; both students were intoxicated when they engaged in sexually activity, but two days later the male student filed a Title IX complaint (Title IX is intended to protect students from gender discrimination). The male student alleged that he was unable to give consent since he was inebriated. The same day that the male student filed his complaint the University began investigating the female student - they concluded she was guilty of misconduct and suspended her.

Here's where it gets interesting, the female that was suspended had previously reported a friend of the male student for sexual misconduct after she engaged in sexual activity with him while intoxicated. The female student now claims that the male student's Title IX complaint was an act of retaliation on behalf of his friend. She's suing the University of Cincinnati for violating her due process.