Alleged Sex Cult Actress Released On $5 Million Bond

 "Smallville" actress Allison Mack is being released on $5 million bond after facing sex trafficking charges.  The 35-year-old actress appeared in Brooklyn Federal court where she was released from jail and placed under house arrest in California.  Mack is accused of luring young women, forcing them to go on starvation diets, branding them like cattle and grooming them for sex with the cult's accused ringleader Keith Raniere.  She has pled not guilty. 

Business Insider pointed out that Mack attempted to convince several celebrities, including Emma Watson, to join in on what she went on as describing as an "amazing women's movement. "I'm a fellow actress like yourself & involved in an amazing women's movement I think you'd dig. I'd love to chat if you're open," Mack tweeted to Watson in January 2016, before following up once again in February that same year. "I participate in a unique human development & women's movement I'd love to tell you about. As a fellow actress I can relate so well to your vision and what you want to see in the world. I think we could work together. Let me know if you're willing to chat."

She also tried to get Kelly Clarkson into the mix, but the solicitation wasn't as direct as what she sent over to Watson. "I heard through the grapevine that you're a fan of Smallville. I'm a fan of yours as well! I'd love to chat sometime," she tweeted in 2013. Scroll on below to see the tweets.

On Friday (April 20), Mack appeared in Brooklyn federal court and pleaded not guilty to charges of sex trafficking and forced labor. This comes a month after the group leader Keith Raniere was collared on the same exact charges.