Professor Calls Barbara Bush A "Racist", Then Crashes ASU's Crisis Line

Earlier this week Randa Jarrar, an English professor at California State University-Fresno, posted extremely disparaging remarks about former First Lady Barbara Bush shortly after she died Tuesday. Jarrar posted on Twitter that Mrs. Bush was an amazing racist who raised a war criminal and she's happy George W. Bush is "probably really sad right now."  She also tweeted the school won't fire her because she has tenure.  Jarrar's Twitter account was later made private. 

The president of a California college is expressing deep concern over a professor's comments about the death of former First Lady.  Fresno State President Joseph Castro says Professor Jarrar's personal view runs contrary to the university's core values of mutual understanding and progress.  

To top things off, Jarrar tweeted out a phone number for people to contact her.  Problem is that the number was for the 24-hour Arizona State University student crisis hotline.  The line normally gets around five calls per week, but after the tweet, that skyrocketed to about 70 calls per hour. 

But the number for California State University-Fresno's English department is 559.278.2553 and Jarrar's direct office line is 559.278.4928.... In case you were wondering.