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The Safe-Space Seeking Irish

How many of you out there agree with your boss on everything?  

How many of you see eye to eye with every co-worker or person you have to interact with on a daily basis?

Chances are NOBODY is raising their hand right now.  As hard as it is, in the real world we have to listen to, interact with, and cooperate with people that we may vehemently disagree with on certain issues.  Adults don’t constantly walk around in a perpetual state of harmony and agreement with on another. 

You still must find a way to coexist.  You don’t have the luxury of a perpetual “safe space.”

Someone should tell the children at Notre Dame as 150 or so walked out of the graduation commencement speech by Vice President Mike Pence.  Someone should also demand more from the teachers and administration for their failure to teach a life lesson to the students and allowed them this blatant act of disrespect to happen.  The number one task of college is to prepare young men and women for the real that often contains the aforementioned daily routine of being surrounded by people you don’t agree with in and still must prevail.  

Why did no faculty member step in?  

Do these students even know what they are protesting?  Mike Pence is about as virtuous and honorable a man as you can get.   While he and the President believe in traditional family values, they do not oppose gay marriage.  Neither are tyrannical, racist xenophobes.  They just happen to believe in a certain system of values and direction for America, a system by the way that over 65 million other Americans happen to agree with.

What happens when, in their first job out of college, they have to work for a boss who is a Trump supporter?  What happens if they are located to a town that believes in strict boarder enforcement?  Are they just going to quit?  Are they just going to take their ball and go home?  Life is not going to work out well for these kids if they can’t acquire some mental toughness...something the university of Notre Dame should have taught them along the way but apparently did not.

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