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Reds: No day off?

Reds: No day off?

The Reds don't get a day off after a six game road trip, returning from Colorado?

This season, they return from at least six games on the road nine times. This is one of two occasions they don't get a day off.

Following 6 game at Chicago, at Seattle......Off: Thursday, April 18

Following 6 games at Texas, at San Diego...Off: Thursday, May 2

Following 10 game West Coast trip........Off: Monday, May 20

Following 6 games at Chicago, at Colorado....NOT off Thursday, June 6

Following 6 games at Milwaukee, at Pittsburgh....Off: Thursday, June 20

Following 6 games at Washington, at Atlanta.......Off: Thursday, July 25

Following 7 games at Florida, at Milwaukee......NOT off Monday, August 12 (Cards at GABP)

Following 7 games at Toronto, at Pittsburgh......Off: Monday, August 26

Following 6 games at St. Louis, at Minnesota....Off: Monday, September 16

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