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85th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

85th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

I bought a dozen eggs the other day and 5 of the first 10 cracked have been double yokes. That's weird, isn't it?

Jeff Brantley's 'no-holding back' thoughts on Reds offensive struggles this week are just another reason I listen to the radio with TV sound down.

I say it every year when I watch the NCAA lacrosse national championship game: I wish I'd been exposed to lacrosse as a kid.

Song I cranked the car radio to this week: 'Just Like Heaven' The Cure and 'Summer of '69' Bryan Adams.

UDF is giving away a series of Reds cups. As a kid, I spent a summer collecting mini-team batting helmets with a slushie. Got them all and put them in a cardboard holder that showed the MLB standings.

A news week like this reminds me how fortunate I am to play in the toy department of life...... and talk sports.

Everyone should see a game at Wrigley Field at least once. If you go twice, experience the rooftops.

As more of a casual observer of racing, I feel like I've slept on how good/cool/likable Kyle Larson is.

You know what's dumber than quoting a pitcher or QB won-loss record, quoting the won-loss record of a catcher.

We did ribs last weekend. Crockpot and then grill. Oh, baby.

We caught the band Mad Constanza for the first time last week. Excellent. Love the fact they do deeper cuts from the 80's.

I don't wager much on sports, and rarely baseball. I pick my spots. With the Cardinals arriving in Cincinnati around 4am Monday after a lengthy rain delay, I could not resist betting the game. Dinner is on the Reds tonight.

Brad Stevens has been NCAA Coach of Year and took two Butler teams to the national title game. He coached the Boston Celtics to the playoffs seven times. Now, he's NBA Executive of the Year and built a Celtics team playing for the NBA title. He's 47.

OK, I soundly reject The Rookie (ABC) storyline that has Tim and Lucy broken up. Put 'em back together.

The Reds issues include lacking Joey Votto's leadership? I thought everyone clammored to keep Jonathan India because he's their leader? People I talk to around MLB have raved about Jeimer Candelario and the respect he's had in each clubhouse he's been in. Reds pitchers praise Frankie Montas as a willing mentor. The 'missing Votto' narrative is a cop out.

Anyone watching Under The Bridge on Hulu?

The mole in my yard is making a path to my neighbors yard. Would putting up a sign up with an arrow be wrong?

I could not tell you the last time I had actual cash in my hand.

I don't understand why the higher rated home plate umpires don't get a higher percentage of home plate assignments than the lower rated home plate umpires.

We did the NKY trifecta last Saturday: We hit C.P. Reeves Market, Bill Finke & Sons Meat and Kremer's Market. Love those spots. As Tom Heist (Kremer's) joked to us "Usually, your trifecta's are breweries."

I consider myself a connoisseur of TV script writing and scene setting. I'm constantly predicting what is going to happen in a scene. It drives Kelly crazy....clearly because I'm correct so often.

Don't worry about things you don't care about

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