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81st edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

81st edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

If you have four slices of swiss cheese left and the back piece has early signs of mold, do you still eat the front piece if it appears unscathed?

Fear is the police knocking on your door at 2:17am Monday and discovering a family car has been stolen. Then realizing it's your daughter's car, who is away at school. Then frantically calling her, getting voicemail, and not knowing where she is. It turns out Peyton was asleep and eventually answered. Her car was stolen in front of her house at UL. But beyond blessed she is safe and sound. Talk about a moment to reinforce/reset what you think matters.

Songs I cranked up while driving this week: Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen....Yeah!, Usher....Back in Black, AC/DC

Did you have a metal lunch box as a kid? I had one with NFL team helmets and an Evel Knievel!

Kelly watches The Masked Singer. That might be the dumbest show I've ever seen. Although, Jenny McCarthy is a judge. So, there's that.

I just never got into horse racing. I don't dislike it. I appreciate the history of it. I'll probably watch the derby. I still have the Steve Cauthen Sports Illustrated.

I probably wore tube socks every day of my childhood. When was the last time your wore tube socks?

I just can't find the time or interest to worry about what the Bengals logo looks like at midfield of Paycor.

I think it's odd when people who like Elly, would rather criticize the Elly critics than actually praise the player.

Three broadcasters that most influenced me growing up: Bob Trumpy, Marty Brennaman and Bob Costas.

Did you ever have a toy that looking back made no sense? Mine: Stretch Armstrong.

Back in the late 1990's, I put together a media packet that I would mail to national media members who criticized UC basketball and Bob Huggins for having a 0% graduation rate. The packet provided info on the UC players that had graduated and what they were up to.

Ever notice the fans that complain the most seem to be the ones that pay the least attention?

Why is picking out jeans so complicated? Straight, relaxed, slim, mid-rise, low-rise, skinny....distressed. Distressed?

In two trades, Nick Krall acquired Spencer Steer, CES and Will Benson for Tyler Mahle, Justin Boyd and Steve Hajjar. Mahle has pitched 42 innings since his departure and is recovering from Tommy John surgery. Boyd and Hajjar are playing at High-A.

I loved LA Law. What a cast. And Mike Post theme music!

Northern Row beer is now sold at Kroger? I call dibs on Preacher!

My go-to arcade game was Galaga. I can close my eyes and hear all the sounds of that game.

Saturday is Star Wars Day. I saw Star Wars when it came out when I was 11. I have not had interest in anything about it since.

I once called the Pacers to complain when they drafted Vern Fleming in 1984. He wound up having a really solid career.

Growing up, I called a 3/4 sleeve colored shirt a pitching shirt. What did you call it?

Sparky Anderson once said if you play a bench player long enough you will see why they were a bench player.

FC Cincinnati's Aaron Boupendza sure has had an 'interesting' tenure since signing with the club. He can't be worth it all, can he?

Props Louisville police. A helicopter tracked down Peyton's car. Three suspects were arrested after attempting to flee. Next: What insurance decides to do with her car that's pretty beaten up.

Anyone watch the series Hacks w/ Jean Smart? It's from the co-creator of Parks and Rec. We are thinking about trying it out.

The CBS Billy Joel Special...his 100th show at Madison Square Garden... was excellent. He's 74 and still brings it!

I'll believe Matt McLain is back this season when I see it.

Don't worry about things you don't care about

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