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78th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

78th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

Second week in a row my yard is out of control because of rain. Come on!

Don't tell Kelly, but when she leaves town, I usually leave the family room TV on. Too many very complicated remotes to figure out. Veeeeery complicated.

Batting where he's been batting, Spencer Steer is the NL Player of the Week, tied for the ML lead in RBI and hitting .372.

For a period of time after college, I think I survived on mostly Bagel Bites..... frozen cheese & pepperoni mini pizza bagels.

I've never understood why anyone would care if someone else left a game early.

I continue to feel a sense of excitement and accomplishment when I walk up to an empty Kroger deli counter.

Wonder how Prince would feel about his music in a Target ad?

My shop local Friday: Coffee and egg sandwich at Reality Tuesday (Park Hills), Sixteen Bricks sourdough bread at Loschiavo's (Park Hills) and fried pies at C.P. Reeves (Ludlow).

I used to get pushback on my opinions. Now I get more and more push back on facts. I'm not sure what to do about that.

If Tejay Antone wants to keep pitching, who is anyone to tell him it's time to hang it up?

I don't play golf. Not even really a diehard fan. But I'm kind of obsessed with the history and tradition of The Masters. I love everything about it.

Song heard in Kroger this week that I'd forgotten how good it was: Rock 'N Roll Heart by Eric Clapton.

I've always believed MLB needs a fan rain delay policy. If the delay goes two hours, a fan should be able to opt out, leave and get a voucher for a ticket to another game. If they stay, give them concession vouchers for a game.

It's amazing to me that the old Willie's location in Covington has sat as an empty lot for over two decades. I think about it every night when crossing the bridge to the cut-in-the-hill.

I could take a lot of money betting fans that Hunter Greene is making less than the average MLB salary this year at $3.3M.

I've never watched Hangover from start to finish.

I believe missing a year to Tommy John surgery and missing another year due to COVID/no season has played a role in Hunter Greene's development. I don't believe that's an excuse.

The key part of a weekend mow is to be able to do it while listening to the Reds.

Sure seems like there is a lot of wide receiver talk for the Bengals in the draft. What does that say about Charlie Jones and Andrei Iosivas?

When I'm flipping channels late at night, I like to stop on 70's TV shows. This week it was The Partridge Family and the episode at Kings Island with Johnny Bench as the poolside waiter.

Here's a crazy idea for MLB in light of pitching injuries. Add the equivalent of a Nascar restrictor plate on pitchers. Pitches can't top, say, 95mph.
Violation if they do. It would cause pitchers to dial it back and rely more on location and 'pitching' vs 'let it rip' throwing. I know, crazy. But.......

Don't worry about things you don't care about.

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