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76th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

76th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

Most overall satisfying Reds Opening Days since..........Ramon Hernandez in 2011?

Why can I take a nap while wearing socks but can't go to bed at night wearing socks?

Do you call it a baseball cap or a baseball hat?

I'm very particular about a cleanly edged sidewalk in front/side of my house. A mole burrowed the entire sidewalk during the winter and created mud that hardened over my line. I'm not happy.

Song that I rolled down the window and cranked up the radio to this week: Boys of Summer, Don Henley. Love that song.

Every easter, my grandma bought me a box of Topps baseball cards to open.

I feel awful for Nick Senzel. I was so hopeful Washington would serve as a fresh start.

Caitlin Clark's climb up the attention/popularity mountain has reached a peak. Now, fans and media will begin the pick-apart to take her down the other side.

Every Opening Day I like to stop in the ballpark early, before our show, to sit in the stands and soak in the sights and sounds. The fresh cut grass. Final GABP preparation. Seats being wiped down. Plexiglass cleaned. Sweeper rolling through the concourse. Smell of popcorn developing. Initial activity of players coming out onto the field to stretch and toss. Can't beat it.

If you comment on this page, have you ever stopped and considered what percentage of your comments are negative? If it's high, you might want to find a better outlet to complain to. All due respect.

So incredibly excited for new Louisville coach Pat Kelsey and the entire Kelsey family. Just awesome.

I've never learned to play chess. I think I should.

Remember, life is short. If you can't find a way to feel optimistic about your team at the start of the season you should probably find something else that makes you happy.

Clutch is getting a Friday lawn mow in. It clears the rest of the weekend.

Blue Bloods spoiler alert: Damn, I love that show. What a scene with Frank Reagan, Joe Hill and the cop whose father killed Joe Reagan.

That Kids Opening Day hat giveaway by the Reds is sweeeeeeeet looking. I wanna wear.

So fired up to be back to hosting Kelsey Chevrolet Extra Innings after Reds games til midnight during the week.

Our winter thoughts of doing the mulching of our yard ourselves, turned to spring thoughts and our landscape guy doing it. Easier. Better.

Feel that? Matt McLain is starting to get the Joey Votto, Nick Senzel injury treatment from some fans. But Joe Burrow is still pacing ahead of him.

Watching the NCAA tournament, is there really any doubt that UC needs more shooters? And a big that can combine skill sets that Bandaogo, Reynolds and Lakhin can't.

I overheard a grandfather telling his grandson about the history of the Reds and Johnny Vander Meer being the only pitcher to throw consecutive no-hitters. How can you not love baseball?

Who first said "Sometimes the best trades are the trades you don't make"? I'd apply that to Nick Krall with Jonathan India.

Girl Scout cookie Pick-to-Click: Toast-Yay!..french toast inspired cookie dipped in icing. Seriously.

Six Musketeers in the transfer portal? That's CBB today. When that first happened at UC, John Cunningham used it as a sign of chaos to fire his coach.

I find it odd that some fans seem to not only not root for Hunter Greene, but actually root against him. Almost if they'd rather be right in their opinion than wrong and him pitch well.

I don't believe in jinxes or curses. Never will.

I think our next brewery stop will be the new DVD Brew in Loveland. That would be brewery No. 66.

Hunter Greene will make $3.3M this year. 6th highest on the team. Don't worry about it.

Hey, you know what? We know it's one game and it's the Nationals. Save it.

Man. Score, clock and situational awareness is so poor in college basketball.

Don't worry about things you don't care about.

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