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75th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

75th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

This is more about praise of T.J. Friedl than criticism of Stuart Fairchild: The largest gap between starter and backup on the Reds roster is CF. It's been that way all off season and into spring training. If I had a dollar for every time I asked...."Who is the backup CF?".............

We have a garage freezer. My guess is we have forgotten we had about 75% of the stuff below the top level of food.

Found my 1977 Anderson Middle School yearbook in the basement. I was in Cluster 6100. My teachers: Mrs. Denney, Mrs. Trowbridge and Mrs. Method. My PE teacher and basketball coach was Mr. Pell.

And so it begins.....first lawn mowing of the year this week. Sigh.

Three of the most boring things I hear: How your bracket looks, how your fantasy team is doing and how close you came to winning a bet that you lost.

The manner in which some people turn on Cincinnati athletes when they start making big money and/or get hurt is so disappointing. And then those people get mad at me for saying that and fight for their right to call players brittle and soft. I find it sad.

I'll never understand why people care what others think of our chili....especially the athletes that come to town. If I like a food that's good enough for me.

I'm mentally prepared for Matt McLain to miss the entire season.

I understand there is a $33M buyout. But sometimes it's just time. It feels like it's just time for UK and Coach Cal to go their separate ways. 15 years in one spot is a long time. Anywhere. That's closer to 30 years any place else.

I try not to talk about stuff I don't know anything about. I wish more people would adopt that philosophy.

I was always a one bracket guy. I never understood hedging bets by picking a team to win in one bracket, lose into another. I always did brackets to correctly pick the winners.

I noticed a baseball glove at Dick's Sporting Goods yesterday that was $399. Does it catch the ball and make you breakfast?

When buying Casey a bat when he was little, I always wondered how many more hits might be in the more expensive model.

This Shohei Ohtani interpreptor/gambling story sure sounds like the classic "there's more to this than meets the eye"

Opening up a pack of baseball cards still offers the thrill I felt as a kid.

Song I cranked up this week driving home: 'Hold On Loosely".......that Wild-Eyed Southern Boys album by .38 Special is excellent.

The Bengals had to spend money on Ted Karras, Alex Cappa, Orlando Brown Jr., Trent Brown, La'el Collins and Riley Reiff because they can't draft/develop offensive linemen. That's a problem.

We've owned one house. We don't have a porch swing. Our next house will have a porch swing.

The Reds are going to open the season with at least many as seven players missing from initial roster projections....six on the IL and one suspended.
They have depth. But that's a tough ask of 'depth.'

Nothing says Opening Day and a celebration of the return of baseball like having the Dodgers and Padres open the season at 6:05 am ET on a Wednesday in Seoul, South Korea. My head hurts.

$100 for general admission for the Kelce Brothers podcast event at Nippert seems......ambitious.

A new TV show we are enjoying: Tracker, CBS. Colter Shaw earns his living by assisting law enforcement and private citizens in exchange for reward money.

In my continuing efforts to catch-up on country music, I heard for the first time and really enjoyed "Where It Ends" by Bailey Zimmerman this week.

How come when college coaches talk about capping the NIL money, they don't talk about capping salaries of coaches?

Kelly is out of town visiting her mom until Tuesday. I'm in charge of watering something she's growing in the kitchen garden window. Good luck to that plant. There is a remember to water note on the Keurig.

Did MLB players collectively just decide to start fielding grounders to the side, rather than getting in front of them? Players used to use their chest to keep a ball in front of them if they didn't cleanly handled it. Do I sound old?

Don't worry about things you don't care about

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