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74th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

74th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

Peyton spent spring break in Asheville. I'm thinking (hoping) it was much calmer than my Panama City years, frequenting Spinnaker and Club La Vela.

I'm not filling out a bracket this year. Other than watching the area teams, I've never watched so little college basketball.

A McDonald's Coke: Simple. Classic. Satisfying.

I'm at peace with D.J. Reader leaving. He will be 30. Big dude in the trenches with quad injuries in back to back seasons? I'm good on passing.

FC Cincinnati has made a major miscalculation with the Laurel Pfahler story. Bad look. Petty look. I can't imagine anyone, anywhere, other than perhaps Russia, where an organization would believe the media should not speak to sources outside the organization, or only do team approved interviews.

Matt Reis (700 WLW News) sent me audio of Joe Nuxhall interviewing Tom Browning for the Star of the Game following his perfect game. Better believe I'll play that on the anniversary.

Really cool meeting Blake Tyler at his Madison Life show last weekend. We saw him at Lori's Roadhouse and became big fans. Love 'Cowboy Killer' and 'Everybody Leaves." He's a big time Bengals and Reds fan. And, he told me he's grown up listening to me. Which is both cool and a little jarring.

Sunday is the 38th year of our fantasy baseball league draft. Being commissioner of my league is like trying to herd cats.

This morning in the car, Kelly and I were attempting to sing Doechii - What It Is ......much to the horror of Peyton.

Free agency is about future production over past performance.

I'm still not sure how Wes Miller rolled into year one in the Big 12 without a point guard that had played a single minute of D1 basketball.

For the second consecutive year, I found my first pack of Topps baseball cards of the spring at the Ace Hardware in Independence. One pack for me. One pack for Casey.

I took a ton of heat seven years ago for saying I was allowing Joe Mixon to arrive with a clean slate and a chance to prove himself. I wonder how many never gave him that chance?

While on college Spring Break, my friends and I listened to The Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill album on the way to and from Panama City.

We became instant fans of Noah Smith when we saw him at Madison Live last week. He's from Brown County, OH and a graduate of the UC College-Conservatory of Music. Check out 'Turn You Around" and 'Way Back." We are going to see him Friday night at Cincinnati Distilling.

I no longer worry about the unfairness of a CBB regular season conference champ proving over three months to be the best team, only to see the automatic bid go to a team that gets hot over 3-4 days.

Candy 'Blast from the Past'......I saw Bottle Cap Candy last week! Loved those as a kid.

Peyton bought the album "Rumors" by Fleetwood Mac for her turntable this week. Nice.

One of my favorite odd stats is that Walter Payton (8) had more career TD passes than Akili Smith (5).

Props UC Clermont College basketball. The women made it to the United States Collegiate Athletic Conference DII Final Four. The men lost in the national title game.

I was recently listening to the CBS Radio call of Game 1 of 1990 World Series. Vin Scully called it with Johnny Bench. I had no idea.

Xavier's streak of 27 consecutive winning seasons is over. What were you doing in 1996? Ray Knight was managing the Reds. David Shula had been fired by the Bengals during the season and replaced by Bruce Coslet.

I stumbled upon the documentary...Bee Gees: In Our Own Time (2010). Excellent.

UC's 20 wins included 11 non-conference wins over 1-31 Detroit Mercy, Eastern Washington, Howard, Bryant, UIC, Merrimack, Evansville, Stetson and Florida Gulf Coast. Another loss to Xavier, and a non-conference strength of schedule ranked 323rd out of 362.

I've now transitioned my trimmer to an Ego. That's a mower, blower and trimmer. So much easier in performance, maintenance and cost.

Don't worry about things you don't care about.

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