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71st edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

71st edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

Things that popped into my head this week.....

I'm a big numbers guy. I swear 20 years ago feels like it should be much closer to 1984, than 2004. Know what I mean?

One week in and I've gotta admit the separate covers in bed thing is a gamechanger. I curl up in my own little cocoon. Zzzzzzzzzzz. We are in!

30 years ago this week I was covering Michael Jordan with the White Sox in Sarasota, FL. Coolest/wildest story I've ever covered. Total chaos.

Country song enjoyed this week: "The Painter", Cody Johnson. Fantastic lyrics.

Casey turns 24 Tuesday. 24. Unbelievable. Healthy. Happy. He's my hero.

I saw the Steelers put in a bid to host the NFL Draft. How cool would the NFL Draft look from The Andrew J Brady Music stage, with fans extending down through West Freedom Way to The Banks and around Smale Park?

It says a lot about Jonathan India that he's accepted what the Reds handed him three years after winning Rookie of Year. More of a reserve/utility role at positions he's never played in MLB. I think how he handles 1B-3B-LF is one of the most interesting camp storylines.

We are big fans of The Rookie (ABC). Nathan Fillion leads a strong and likable cast.

The Wes Miller social media approval rating seems to have dipped to a low point after the Oklahoma State game.

I spent my teenage years playing the dice/board game APBA baseball with three friends. Oh, the drama of the player cards arriving in the mail each spring.

I'd love to read a book about the history of Cincinnati Gardens. The stories behind events and performances, how acts were booked, what they were like.

Headed back to Louisville this weekend for....the USA Gymnastics Winter Cup. Kelly, a former gymnast, is fired up to see Suni Lee. Bummed that Gabby Douglas is out, with COVID.

I get why everyone says/writes there are 10+ starting pitching candidates for the Reds. But if the Opening Day rotation is not Greene-Ashcraft-Montas-Abbott-Lodolo, then something has gone wrong from an injury standpoint.

True Detective rallied and finished better than I expected...but still with lingering questions.

He seems really far down on the list of Reds we talk about, but Will Benson really intrigues me. His OPS+ of 130 was the highest on the team last year...ahead of McLain at 129. He's only 25.

I had my tonsils removed at age 24. Talk about being freaked out about a screw up ending my broadcast career.

If you are trying to make a point out players today needing to do things like players of the past, comparing them to Hall of Famers isn't the way to do it. Hall of Famers are the very best to ever play. If everyone could be them........

Favorite TV couples: Eric and Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights).....Ray and Debra Barone (Everyone Loves Raymond).

Joe Mixon will probably be remembered as the 3rd best Bengals running back all-time. I can't find a good enough reason to give him the $3M roster bonus and $8.5M cap hit if he's on the roster March 17.

I miss the TV show Melrose Place.

The Miracle on Ice was 44 years ago Thursday. Al Michaels went silent for over 60 seconds after delivering 'Do You Believe in Miracles? Yes!" Silence is such a lost art in play-by-play.

Former Reds GM Wayne Krivsky acquired Brandon Phillips and Bronson Arroyo in an 18 day span in 2006. Dang.

I feel a sense of disappointment when Saturday Night Live is not live, and shows a repeat.

Thank you for reading and for supporting the show

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