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64th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

64th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

Things that popped into my head this week.....

We had breakfast at the Anchor Grill in Covington for the first time. Talk about a slice of Americana. It opened in 1946. Cash only. Jukebox. Service w/ a smile. Excellent breakfast.

26 years later, we watched L.A. Confidential for the 1st time. What a cast...What a movie.

Anyone else text their wife photos from the grocery store to confirm correct items on the grocery list.

Thinking back to my words prior to training camp: 'This season will not be the Bengals last chance to win a Super Bowl with Joe Burrow, but it will be their best'......ouch.

Sure, I'll take Frankie Montas. But that does not alleviate the issue of the Reds rotation having too much 'hope' attached to it and not enough 'known'

Casey and Peyton were at Jungle Jim's and put together a six pack of specialty beers for us to try. Our kids are old enough to buy alcohol for us. Wait, what?

What a poor season by Germaine Pratt.

Kelly has us trying a handful of marshmallows before bed. They are supposed to help with consistent sleep during the night. I'm not convinced.

Another venue: We are headed to Bogart's for the first time Saturday night to catch Trauma Illinois.

This Bengals roster is going to look a lot different next year. Nobody should be surprised when they are picked 3rd in the AFC North next year.

We found a cool coffee shop: Fort Thomas Coffee. Excellent coffee. Really good Everything bagel, egg, cheese and turkey sausage.

Nick Krall has never been good at the PR side of things. I wish, rather than freely offering the Reds are basically done with the roster, that he'd said "Our work is never done in trying to aggressively and creatively make our roster better."

Peyton may or may not have asked me where the needle went to play an album on a record player she found. She does get big points for listening to all of the Glass Houses album by Billy Joel.

I've never gone thru a Chick-Fil-A drive thru. The line is always out to the street. I don't have the patience.

I find it odd how vocal the people are that don't like soccer. However, I freely admit I used to be one of them 15 years ago.

No one year deal is risky. If Frankie Montas is healthy he's a top end of the rotation guy. If.

I don't know why any fan would not consider a winning season and avoiding just the fourth winless season in the division in the 50+ year history of the franchise to be a big thing for the Bengals.

I really enjoy The Athletic. But it's odd that they don't have a writer covering FC Cincinnati, UC or XU.

Band names that are so 70's: KC and The Sunshine Band and Starland Vocal Band.

I don't believe pro and college teams should be given credit for playing hard and not giving up. That praise should be reserved for youth sports.

I think I'd be willing to bet a parlay that Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd, Joe Mixon and Jonah Williams are all gone after this season.

I will never understand why some are so afraid of analytics. It's information that presents the best odds of success. It's NOT a guarantee.
But how often in life do you go against your best chance to succeed?

Peyton brought stroopwafels home from the Netherlands. They are thin, round waffle cookies infused with caramel filling. You put them over the top of your cup of coffee and let the heat seep in and soften it. Holy cow.

What a weird Bengals season.....Burrow calf.....0-2/1-3 start.......four game winning streak, including wins over 49ers and Bills......Burrow wrist....Steelers loss in Browning debut.....three straight wins.......two straight losses. Elimination.

Don't worry about things you don't care about.

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