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The Wes Miller file

The Wes Miller file

I was asked by a UC fan/listener Anthony to name Wes Miller’s best win while at UC. That sent me down a rabbit hole.

Below is a breakdown of Miller vs opponents by NET ranking, the tool used for judging a team’s tournament resume.   

Wes Miller vs Division 1 opponents at UC: 46-29

Miller’s best win came in his 5th game in Clifton.

It was a neutral site win over Illinois on November 22, 2021. Illini was No. 15 in the NCAA NET rankings. It qualified as a Quad 1 win. 

Miller is 1-16 vs Quad 1 opponents since the Illinois win, including Saturday’s loss to Xavier. 

The NET rankings are a four-tiered system. 
Quad 1: Good wins, headliners on a tourney resume
Quad 2: Wins that help a resume 
Quad 3: Most likely category for a team to suffer a “bad” loss
Quad 4: The easiest games on the schedule

Miller record vs opponents by NET quadrants:

2-16 vs Quad 1

6-6 vs Quad 2 

12-6 vs Quad 3  

26-1 vs Quad 4


Quad 1 & 2: 8-22 (.267)

Quad 3 & 4: 38-7 (.844)

Miller best NET ranking win:

No. 15 Illinois, neutral site, November 22, 2021

No. 71 Central Florida, road, February 19, 2023 

Miller average NET win by season:

2021-2022: 199

2022-2023: 177

2023:2024: 212

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