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58th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

58th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

Things that popped into my head this week.....

Are the Bengals a team or just an injured QB? We are going to find out a lot about this Bengals coaching staff over the final seven weeks.

I caught David Letterman on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this week. I miss that guy.

Whether it was the Reds in September or the Bengals now, I'm fascinated by how quickly some like to declare their team dead in order to move on to something else. If that is the move, I don't understand why you were in it to begin with?

No Thanksgiving meal prep this year. We ordered a complete setup from Smoke Justis. So easy. So good. Might just be a new tradition.

Is there a better line in TV show history than: "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly"?

As temperatures drop, consider this your yearly reminded to unhook the garden hose from your house. We learned the hard way years ago when a hose froze, expanded, and burst. The basement flooding was a disaster.

For Reds fans feeling anxious about other teams making offseason moves, keep in mind what John Wooden once said....“Never mistake activity for achievement.” If the Cardinals want guys like Lance Lynn and Kyle Gibson, god bless 'em.

I reject the narrative that the Bengals don't invest in their OL. Look up the contracts of Orlando Brown Jr., Ted Karras, Alex Cappa and Jonah Williams. Now, if you want to talk about Frank Pollack, ok.

I'm glad I'm not wired to find joy in diminishing the joy of others.

Nobody has been able to tell me what 'tanking' would look like or how it would play out with seven games left for the Bengals.

Every time I use a Q-tip I think of my old electric football game. Remember the cotton ball used to flick a pass?

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I've never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Thanksgiving lunch leftovers: A panini press sandwich with 16 Bricks Sourdough bread, turkey, stuffing mashed potatoes and gravy. Oh, yea.

We saw the Dat Band last week at Turfway Park. Great seeing Chris, Byron and the guys. Funk. Soul. Rock N' Roll. Fun band.

The whole Stanford Steve thing on ESPN's College GameDay doesn't work. There is nothing there. No chemistry, entertainment, information.

LeBron James is 38 years old and currently averaging 25.7 points, 8 rebounds, 6.6 assists and shooting 58% from the field. He is the only player in NBA history with over 39,000 career points and is 4th all-time in career ASSISTS. Amazing.

We have a GE electric turkey carver that gets used once a year on Thanksgiving. It was a wedding present to my mom and dad. It is 58 years old and still going strong.

Shout out to our server Tony at Barleycorn's Lakeside Park. Kelly and I had dinner there last week. He intrigued us with a weekend trip suggestion of Cleveland. (Breweries/Rock N Roll HOF, etc.). I've never been to Cleveland.

We are watching Bad Sisters on Apple TV, per a Dan Hoard recommendation. He's right, it might have the most despised TV character, ever.

I find myself circling back around to and enjoying late 90's music. I missed some good stuff during a period of moving/getting married/kids, etc.

Weird question: We dropped Direct TV a couple of years ago. The old and rusty looking satellite dish remains on the roof. How hard would it be for me to take it down?

Ken Anderson retelling the story of having beers in a sauna with Steelers after a game in 1978, and almost missing the team plane, was gold on Bengals Line.

Don't worry about things you don't care about

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