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Bengals: Droughts and lulls

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Bengals droughts and lulls:

How does an offense with so many weapons look so diverse and machine-like in scoring on the opening drive of five consecutive games, yet so pedestrian over such extended periods of times in other parts of games?

Sunday: They went 35+ minutes of game clock between touchdowns....scoring a TD on the opening drive and not again until the end of the 3rd quarter.

Bills: One TD over the final three quarters. No TD in the final 31:27. Three points in the 2nd half.

Seahawks: 0 TD over the final 42:20. Three points in the 2nd half.

Rank in points scored per quarter:

1st quarter: 8th

2nd quarter: 30th

3rd quarter: 12th

4th quarter: 22nd

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