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56th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

56th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

Things that popped into my head this week.....

A red hot Texans on Sunday, Ravens on the road four days later, plus injuries to Higgins and Hubbard....and a compromised What a suddenly precarious spot for the Bengals.

We saw Chayce Beckham at Lori's Roadhouse with Lebanon's Blake Tyler as the opener. We are fans of both. It felt like Blake (Lebanon), was the main act. He owned the stage and interacted much better with the crowd. He seems like a genuinely cool and down to earth dude.

There is just one phone numbers that I use on a regular basis that I have committed to memory. Kelly's number. Only because I use it for our Kroger card.

Ever play Mattel Electronic Handheld Football? The player was a dash on the screen that moved by pushing the up/down/left/right arrow....and made that
dee-dee--duh-dee sound.

On more than one occasion I've seen people grocery shopping in pajama bottoms and slippers. Yep.

I don't know where and how Jonathan India fits with the Reds. But I can't believe he'd bring enough in return to trade least at this point.

Woodburn Brewing has a coffee-infused Blonde Ale (Solo) that is the best Blonde Ale I've had. We learned the coffee is from
La Terza in Lockland. We ordered two bags. Fantastic.

I have no idea why anyone would think Georgia football winning back-to-back national titles should factor into their CFB playoff ranking/resume this season.
If they'd gone 6-6 last season, should that be considered?

We finished up the final season of Billions. I thought the writers did it justice in the final episode. I'm gonna miss it. Excellent cast.

We were walking Newport on the Levee this week. The smell of waffle cones at Cold Stone Creamery is amazing.

Titus Welliver is just so good as Harry Bosch on the Prime series " Bosch: Legacy" And the storyline around his daughter to end Season 1 and open Season 2 is riveting.

The Bengals are in last place and currently clinging to the final AFC playoff spot. The Texans won at Jacksonville by 20 and beat the Steelers by 24. I'm not sure where the 'trap game' narrative for this week comes from.

It was always a good day when my mom packed a Hostess fruit pie in my, cherry, peach, blueberry. Relive your childhood by heating one up and dropping a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it. Oh, baby.

Under the radar: Just how good the Bengals position coaches are..the likes of James Casey (TE), Troy Walters, (WR), Charles Burks (CB)....etc

Listening to Sports Talk 6-9pm on weeknights is a tough ask of people. It means a great deal to know so many are using my podcast page to catch up on shows and interviews.

I watched Iowa guard Caitlin Clark drop 44 points with 8 rebounds and 6 assists on No. 8 Virginia Tech this week. She's must see TV.

Remember during the summer when I said I'd gladly take six wins from UC football? Yikes.

Could Elly De La Cruz start the season at Louisville? He hit .191 with 105 K over his final 68 games with the Reds last season.
He's 21 and has a total of 190 career at-bats at AA and 158 career at-bats at AAA. But can you learn to hit MLB pitching at AAA?

If Scott Satterfield 'can't coach'.... 'can't recruit' ....and 'can't motivate' did he win Coach of the Year honors in two different conferences? How is he 4-1 in bowl games? And how is the team he left behind at Louisville No. 11 in the country, with mostly his players?

We are over two months into the Michigan football story. I'm not sure how there is still confusion on the issue of what's legal sign stealing vs what's not.

Per my Twitter poll, only 9% of fans disagreed with the Reds decision to decline Joey Votto's option. I'm bummed he won't be back. I understand why.

When Casey needed a bone marrow transplant, Bob Trumpy was the first person to call and offer his help. I'll never forget that.

I've never understood the college basketball coach that stands and yells instructions the entire game. Coach your team during the week. Let them play during the game.

Jonah Williams isn't getting nearly enough credit for his transition to right tackle. For some reason, he's not a fan favorite.

Shout out Carroll's Carpets in Monroe! After 20+ years of angst over the believed hassle of replacing the carpet in our home we took the plunge. Three days and done. Home looks new. Home smells great. Glad we did it. The efficiency and execution of the crew was pretty amazing. Thanks Stacey and the guys!

Over the last month, Peyton has traveled to Florence, Italy, London and Paris. Yea Peyton!

In high school, I refereed Saturday morning youth basketball games for Carmel Dad's Club. $8 a game. A McDonald's run for lunch. Big time.

If anyone ventures over to Threads/Instagram, I'm at lancemcalister.

Don't worry about things you don't care about.

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