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Bengals: Statement win! 34-17 over 49ers

Opening thoughts: What an answer out of the bye! That's the team we thought we'd see this season.

Bengals 31 49ers 17

The Bengals led 24-10 in the 4th quarter, but saw the 49ers go 75 yards for a TD to make it 24-17. The Bengals then answered with a game sealing 10 play/78 yard TD drive to put it away.

The Bengals make it three straight wins, 4 of 5, move to 4-3 and into a tie with Browns and Steelers after both lost. They sweep the NFC West (4-0). The 49ers lost for a third consecutive time.


1st down gains: 33, 22, 20, 17, 15, 12, 11, 11, 9, 9, 8, 8, 8

Sealer: Up 24-17, went 10 plays/78 yards, capped by Mixon TD.

1st half: 35 plays, 242 yards….20 1st downs…only four 3rd down (3-4)…..only 14 points.

Opening drive: 10 play/85 yards/Burrow-Boyd TD

7 playsd 20+ yards

Run game: 11-79 first half…27-134 total

5 red zone trips = 4 TD.

Mixon: 16-87, TD…3 runs +10 yards. 3 catches.

Chase: 10-100, TD. Toe tap 20 yd in 4th.

Irv Smith Jr: 4-25. 11 yard catch. Killer fumble.

Higgins: 33 yard catch (season long) down middle to CIN 48 on play after Pratt INT.

Drew Sample dropped his 1st target on a play action/bootleg on the opening drive.

Irwin big 2nd & 7 21-yard catch for on 4th down drive.

Does a Chase run play ever work?

Burrow: 28 of 32 for 283, 3 TD, 0 INT. 3 sacks. Ran for 43.

19 straight completions ended on his 1st attempt of 3rd QT.

Called own number on 3rd & 9 for 10 yards. Later ran 20 yards.

Sneak for red zone 1st down.

Spectacular extender/sack avoidance to hit Tee Higgins for 10-yard 3rd & 10 catch.

4 snaps under center on opening drive. Entered w/ 7 on year.

More, more, more: Led 14-10 at half. Four drives: TD, TD, missed FG, fumble at 3.


2 INT: Pratt/Wilson on back-to-back passes. including Pratt in red zone (8 yard line)

2 sack: 1:53 of game…Hendrickson strip/BJ Hill recovery.

Sack Hubbard.

SF 10 plays/75 yards w/ Purdy-McCaffery TD 24-17 w/ 8:00 left.

Christian McCaffrey: 12 runs, 54-TD, 5 catches, 36 yards, TD.

Brandon Aiyuk: 5-109

TE Kittle worked middle all day: 5-99. Big drop in 4th/big 3rd D scramble catch.

Hendrickson left w/ an ankle injury 2nd QT. Returned, clearly compromised. Warrior.

3 and out punt w/ 3rd & 1 opening drive stop CTB/Reader.

Hilton blitzed off edge for -4 yard stop vs run.

Big 3rd QT 3rd & 1 direct snap FB Kyle Juszczyk for 1st down/led to tying TD 17-17.

CTB left the game late 3rd (ankle). Returned.

WR got into open spaces a lot.

Circle it sequence Part 1: Leading 14-10, Bengals drove 9 plays/60 yards to SF 3 w/ :31 left in half before Smith Jr. fumble.

Circle it sequence Part 2: 49ers drove 9 plays to Bengals 8 yard line before Germaine Pratt tipped and INT Purdy. Sixth red zone stop this season allowing 0 points.

Circle it sequence Part 3: Wilson picked off Purdy. Next play: Burrow 17-yd Chase TD 24-10.

No sweat: Dax Hill INT with 2:00 left in the game was wiped out by bogus roughing the passer on Reader. Next play, Hendrickson forced fumble and BJ Hill recovered.

Special Teams

Trayveon Williams 41-yard kick return. Team season best.

Irwin bailed on a punt/bounced extra 13 yards in swirling winds.

McPherson miss50-yarder after 7-yard sack. Snapped 8 straight.

McPherson 56-yard FG after

Brad Robbins did not punt until 6:16 of the 3rd quarter.

Robbins touchback that Iosivas just missed downing at 3.


Streak of 11 straight home wins over for 49ers

McCaffrey tied NFL record w/ TD in 17th consecutive game.

Ken Anderson holds franchise record w/ 20 straight completions.

McPherson: 4 of 5 longest FGs franchise history…56-57-58-59. Randy Bullock 57.

Next: SNF vs Bills at Paycor. Bengals 1.5 point favorite.

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