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Bengals: A look at the red zone defense

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Bengals: Doing it with D

Seattle red zone trips: 5..............points 10

4 of 6 2nd half drives got inside the 10-yard line = 3 points.

Stopped SEA twice inside 10 yard line in final 3:00.

A look at the five red zone trips:

Opening drive: 1-yard TD

3rd QT:

1st and goal at 4: Walker 1-yard run

2nd and goal at 3: Penalty Kenneth Walker/low block

2nd and goal at 18. Hilton INT.

3rd QT:

1st and goal at 5: Walker 1 yard

2nd and goal at 4: Walker -1 yard

3rd and goal at 5: Incomplete Lockett/CTB

4th and goal at 5: FG

4th QT...3:27 left

1st and goal at 7: Trey Hendrickson sack -12 yards

2nd and goal at 19: Incomplete

3rd and goal at 19: 13 yards to Smith-Njigba

4th and goal at 6: Hubbard sack. Hold on Downs.

4th QT...:55 left

1st and 10 at 11: Incomplete

2nd and 10 at 11: Walker 2 yards

3rd and 8 at 9: Incomplete

4th and 8 at 9: Incomplete. Hold on Downs.

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