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52nd edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

52nd edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

Things that popped into my head this week.....

If the Bengals are lost and the season done without Burrow, then the talent/depth of this roster is not near what we've been saying it was.

There seems to be an odd dismissive/disinterested/oblivious vibe with some fans about a Reds team that entered Friday a half game out of the playoffs with 8 games left.

I have no idea why networks have 4-5 analysts on the set with a host for pre-halftime-postgame shows. The amount of airtime and input offered is minimal.

I'm hosting Happy Hour Tuesday night at Barleycorns Brewhouse (5-7pm). The Reds play Guardians at 6:10. Stop by and hang out with us. I'll have some prizes to giveaway, including tickets for KISS at Heritage Bank Center.

The Sorghum Festival is this weekend in West Liberty, KY. I attended a number of times as a kid when my Granny lived there. I still remember watching the donkey's walking in a circle, grinding the sorghum stalks into molasses. That's probably not the exact technical term for what they were doing. But I loved it. And chewing on a sorghum stem..

So many media people look, sound and read like they are so desperate to be seen, heard and read. Hot takes bore me.

Big props to local band Electric Indigo. My guys are releasing their first album, "Here To Stay'. So happy for them. Good dudes.

I bought my yearly Bengals gear at the Pro Shop last week. I got $15 off with my 5th/3rd Bengals debit card. Had no idea. Scooooore!

You know how much I, you, we know about Joe Burrow's calf? Nothing. Having said that, I'll believe he plays Monday night when I see it.

Today (Friday) is the anniversary of the final Reds game at Cinergy Field. Trivia: I was the final radio voice heard on a Reds game from Cinergy. Marty had to be down on the field for the postgame festivities/introductions of former players. I was in the booth to handle the postgame show and sign off. Very cool. Sitting in Marty's chair, pretty wild.

I just can't see myself spending enough money on beer to even get drunk during a game, let alone fighting someone.

Remember the commercial that would run at the 2-minute warning of NFL games in the 80's.....'Alcoa Presents: Fantastic Finishes'? It was a highlight clip of a dramatic ending of a game? I still remember Falcons WR Billy 'White Shoes' Johnson catching a Hail Mary short of the goal line and fighting/reaching for the TD.

I think we are going to learn a lot about Zac Taylor Monday night.

I watched: American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing on Netflix. Man, amazing stories/footage of the 100 hour manhunt.

More and more and more I enjoy the comfort and freedom of watching a sporting event on TV with a remote in my hand.

I'm fascinated by how fans react to Jonathan India's struggles vs the rest of the players on the team.

Watching Hunter Greene's presence and confidence on the mound Wednesday and hearing him talk about 'unlocking things' has me very excited about his future. Remember, he's only thrown 229 innings in the major leagues.

It's hard to believe that as much as Cincinnati has evolved, upgraded, changed and improved, Riverfront Coliseum remains, approaching 50 years old.

Guilty pleasures: Steven Seagal movies. Toaster strudel. But I can't make a clean tear of that icing packet!

We had a chance to check out the new Laveau on Ft. Square. Love the New Orleans/Voodoo Queen vibe. Got Étouffée w/shrimp, Chicken and Andouille Gumbo and Crab Cakes. Big props Chef Swisshelm.Thanks server Shawn. Congrats March First on another big time addition to Fountain Square.

It certainly feels like the Scott Satterfield honeymoon ended last Saturday night at Nippert. It's odd how many fans seemed to be anxiously waiting for the moment.

Forget 12 wins, winning the division, or homefield. This is officially 'just find a way to get in' mode for the Bengals.

Posters on my wall as a kid: All the Reds posters from Poster Day....Farrah Fawcett....George 'Ice Man' Gervin sitting on a block of ice.....and the Audrey/Judy Landers poster (standing back-to-back wearing suspenders).

Good for Lucho Acosta. What a talent. I love how he has embraced this city.

Imagine being someone that doesn't like Joey Votto. And admitting it.

A movie that disturbed me as an adult: SAW. I watched when Kelly and the kids were out of town years ago. That's a look under the bed and check the closet before you go to bed kind of movie.

This makes 52 consecutive week of my Random Thoughts. That's over 1,500 thoughts! Thank you for reading and reacting each week. I am going to start scaling back, being more random in how often I post them. But they aren't completely going away. Hope you understand.

Don't worry about things you don't care about.

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