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49th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

49th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

Things that popped into my head this week.....

I always say you can either rally around your team or dig in against it.

Joe Burrow is back. Now it feels like football. The period between July 27 and this week was just killing time.

My mom passed away almost three years ago. Every year on my birthday she would call me and say "So, do you feel like you are _____years old?" I miss that.

Ever play the triangle paper football game at school during your lunch hour?

There is probably no movie and soundtrack that takes me back places in my life more than Vision Quest.

Two years ago, FC Cincinnati was the worst team in MLS, and it wasn't close. Now they are the first team in MLS to clinch a playoff spot. And that's back-to-back playoff appearances. I wish more people around town looked at them as a winner and not just as a sport they don't like.

If you offered me six wins and a bowl game for UC football, I would take that and

I've come close to being arrested once: I was involved in a protest of a proposal to build a new jail near our home in Independence. I was walking in stride with the Kenton County judge-executive with a protest sign in my hands and in his face. A police officer pulled me off the sidewalk and asked for my ID. I was not detained.

It's been interesting watching the bandwagon Reds fans deal with the team's adversity. They showed up for the fun and have now moved on from the tough stuff. It's the beauty of being a bandwagon fan. No obligations.

We need more songs like The Streak, Mr. Jaws and Convoy.

The Breakfast Club is such a classic movie. Cast. Storylines. Brilliant.

I have no idea which schools are in which conference. And this new alignment won't stay this way for long.

We are watching Justified: City Primeval, but we have not caught up. Keep your spoiler alerts to yourself. Love Timothy Olyphant. And how about that Clement Mansell character? Wow.

FC Cincinnati's Lucho Acosta is going to be the 1st Cincinnati pro athlete to win an MVP award since Joey Votto in 2010.

I had to work Tuesday night, on my birthday. Kelly bought me a Johnny Rocco salad from Carrabba's for dinner. One of approximately 137,657 reasons I love her to death.

Our passion/obsession for visiting local breweries is shifting to local bands and music venues.

My continue growth as a country music fan finds me adding Jackson Dean/'Fearless' and Tim McGraw/'Standing Room Only"

I love scallops. But I never order them because you never seem to get enough to make it worth the price.

Legit concern: What starting pitchers are going to finish the final week or so of the Reds season?

Days working in TV in Chicago that I will never forget: The firing of Mike Ditka, the retirement of Michael Jordan, the death of Michael Jordan's father, postgame coverage of Bulls completing first three-peat with win over Suns.

A Skyline Chili 3-way is meant to be twirled. Noodles are to be twirled. Don't overthink it.

TV tips: Two show to go back and watch if you haven't....Burn Notice and Suits.

It's clear some people resent Reds ownership more than they enjoy the team. Those fans revel in the struggles as payback.

I think it's odd that Scott Satterfield refers to his players by their last name. I'm not sure I recall many coaches doing it that way.

Fired up to be with Rocky again this season for our weekly Thursday night Roundtable Show! We talk Bengals, Bearcats and football at Longnecks in NKY. We return Thursday, September 7 at the Wilder location, 6-9pm.

Kelly got me body wash at the store. I asked why she didn't get the combo body wash/shampoo that I'd asked for? Her response: You don't have a enough hair to matter.

We'd love to attend a lot of the 'Beer Fest' events around the area. But many events seem to sell tickets based on 10 five oz pours. There's no way I'm drinking 50 ounces of beer. That's over four beers. Why don't they do tiered pricing?

I appreciate all the birthday wishes this week. Gotta admit, I felt like a little kid when Ken Anderson sent me a Happy Birthday text.

I passed notes at school. My friends and I would challenge each other to write down the starting lineup of a certain ML team. My teacher once intercepted our note, opened it and said, "Roy Howell........he's the Rangers 3B you are missing."

I've never run out of gas, despite putting in $1 worth of gas a couple of times in high school.

I miss bringing lunch to Casey and Peyton at school and sitting at the lunch table with their friends. I'd usually bring Wendy's or Skyline.

I've never understood fans that aren't at the game, complaining about opposing fans that are at the game.

Don't worry about things you don't care about.

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