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Reds: The Reality

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It is one thing for a MLB team to have to work through/around one rookie in a lineup and rotation. I don't think we are appreciating the challenge for a Reds team working through multiple rookies that are important pieces, regulars in the lineup and rotation:

Matt McLain

Elly De La Cruz

Spencer Steer

Christian Encarnacion Strand

Will Benson

Andrew Abbott

Brandon Williamson

That's 5 in the starting lineup and 2 in the rotation.

That's asking an awful lot.

I'll continue to say it, there is no shortcut, no cheating experience. You just have to go through it.

And saying they are 'worn out' isn't a cop out.

Minor league players get every Monday off during the season. The Reds played 26 games in 27 days in one stretch. They had a 10 game road trip with the West Coast in the middle and no day off upon return. McLain is on pace to exceed his previous high for games played in a season by over 50 games. Abbott has blown past the most innings he's ever pitched in a season. That's real.

And.......they are having to do all this under the pressure and added mental fatigue of a playoff chase. That's real.

Not an excuse. Just reality.

MLB games under their belt:

Steer (140), Benson (94), McLain (74), Elly (55), CES (22),

Ashcraft (41), Abbott (12), Williamson (15), Diaz 2nd season.

The positive is that what challenges, hurts, and holds them back this year will serve them well for the future.

Nobody had a right to figure this would be easy coming off a 100 loss season. Nobody had a right to figure this would be easy once they got to 1st place.

Welcome to the Big 162. It's always a long and bumpy road. With rookies, it's filled with potholes, traffic and road closures.

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