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Reds: What's next for Andrew Abbott?

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I think it is fair to wonder how Andrew Abbott handles the rest of the season and how the Reds handle him.

After last night, he's officially entered a place he's never been before in terms of innings pitched.

He has thrown 119.0 innings this season, between AA-AAA-MLB.

Last season he throw 118.0 innings.

How does his arm hold up? Keep in mind, he was a reliever in college and has only made 50 starts since high school.

And I think it's fair to wonder how much his last two starts impacted last night's start. He threw 106 and 113 pitches in his previous two starts. The 113 pitches last week were a career high. How much of a carryover was there last night? Chris Welsh wondered that on the radio side, noting he didn't appear as fresh or have as much life on his pitches.

Will the Reds try to find him some extra rest?

Will they have a chance to skip a start?

Would they limit his workload from start to start, keeping him in the 5 inning/80 pitch range?

Don't know. Will be interesting to find out.

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