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45th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.....

45th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......Things that popped into my head.

Anyone else open a box of cereal as a kid, pour the contents into a bowl to get the toy, and shove all the cereal back in the box?

Man, the Joe Burrow injury certainly took the steam out of Bengals training camp. How many days until Week 1?

David Bell approached managing and lineup construction the same way during the 12 game winning streak as he did the last three nights vs the Cubs. His way of doing it has a 100 loss team a year ago in contention this year. Player performances vary. Deal with it.

We drove 45 minutes for breakfast this morning. I can't recall ever doing that. But let me tell you, French Toast Heaven in West Chester was worth it. They do flights of French Toast! My four picks: Peach Cobbler, Strawberry Cheesecake, Apple Caramel and Banana Foster!

We walked around and shopped at a mall last weekend. So dark, empty, quiet.....So sad. The freedom to experience a mall as a kid without your parents was the ultimate in cool.

The more I thought about it, the more ridiculous I think that performance was by Luke Weaver Thursday. That dude will be 30 years old later this month. He's not a rookie. That 3rd inning just can't unfold that way. It just can't.

Lefty discrimination: How about those right handed desks in college classrooms? No place for my left arm to go! And how about the spiral notebooks that left ink smeared on the back of your pinky finger as your wrote across the page!?

I use to host a station/listener bus trip to Wrigley for Reds-Cubs. They were sponsored by Pabst and we called it the Pabst Express. Oh, the stories.

We watched the movie 'A Man Called Otto'. It made me think, laugh and tear up. Tom Hanks and Mariana Treviño are outstanding.

I drive by youth football practice every day now. I'll never understand why a kid needs to play tackle football before at least junior high.

I think it's fair to ask what happened to Tyler Stephenson? He entered this season a .296 hitter with a .823 OPS in 190 career games.

I say it every summer when CFB camp opens: Why don't teams play a home and away 'pre-season' game vs other teams, or at least scrimmage? What other sport does not have preseason/exhibition games?

Position players pitching is a complete and total bastardization of the game. I'm all for a Mercy Rule. Maybe it's 7 innings and 10 runs. A team should be able to say 'no mas'

There is a big difference between refusing to aggressively pursue/make trades and not being able to work out a deal. The Reds did the latter. Sorry if that doesn't fit your narrative.

Remember when Hostess use to put three baseball cards on the bottom of their boxes of Ho Ho's, Ding Dongs and Twinkies? I'd sit on the ground in the grocery aisle and sort through all of the boxes looking for the best trio of players.

You know why David Bell loses his mind and occasionally gets tossed by umpires? In order to protect his players and have their backs.

Growing up, my baseball season wasn't complete until I got the Reds yearbook.

The movie Lost in Translation (2003 Bill Murray/Scarlett Johansson) has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 95. It's the only movie we've ever got up and left. Terrible.

I love numbers. But no matter what the positive stats reveal about what Lucas Sims has done, I just don't trust him for what he's about to do.

Have you ever eaten at a Don Shula Steakhouse? The menu is on a football that's placed on a tee at your table.

I don't understand why some people believe a current hitter or pitcher should just do what (insert random Hall of Famer) did to have success. A player makes the Hall of Fame because he is able to do what a miniscule number of players have been able to do in the game's history.

The whole Reds record with Weaver pitching is ‘cute’ and all… a dumb way….but in reality, I don’t know how Bob, Phil, Nick, David or anyone else in that organization would expect to be taken seriously if they keep running him out there.

Don't worry about things you don't care about.

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