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43rd edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

43rd edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

Things that popped into my head this week:

I think I'd rather drop an anvil on my big toe than listen to a debate about the batting order. I guarantee you David Bell has better reasons for his order than you do for yours.

Kelly rubbed organic Castor Oil on my thinning eyebrows this morning. She says it will generate growth. Hell, should I rub my head in it?

The Bengals Ring of Honor process has to be tweaked. It doesn't feel right. The Bengals should admit there needs to be an expanded 'catch up' class. Expand the voting to include media and former players.

Remember when the R-rated movie Porky's came out in 1982? I was 15. Oh, was it a big deal to sneak in to see that.

I'm a little OCD. I have a pressure washer. Once I start doing our front porch I feel a frustrating need to keep going. I don't like an uneven look. Same thing with pulling the grass/weeds from the cracks in the sidewalk.

Can you remember the address of childhood homes? I can recall two: 8585 Denallen Drive in Anderson Township, 10338 Brian Creek Place, Carmel.

About those August returns for Hunter Greene and Nick Lodolo. It's late July and neither has started a rehab assignment. Greene last pitched in a ML game on June 17, Lodolo on May 6.....76 days ago.

I am directionally challenged. Once while driving in downtown Chicago I opened my sunroof to see where the sun was to help with where I was headed

There is nothing I'd rather do that what I'm doing. But the negativity that comes with talking sports, is just exhausting. I totally get that losing frustrates. I totally don't get sidestepping a win to get to a complaint.

Should I consider updating any part of my show open? (1) Music: Baba O'Riley by The Who...(2) Jack Bauer's '24' hour designation......(3)'You can't handle the truth!' from a Few Good Men.

Just because a Reds player isn't starting on a given night doesn't mean he's not going to play. Think of it like basketball. This team has depth to play to their matchup advantages later in games. See CES earlier this week with two hits off the bench, including the three-run HR.

Noticed the Reds pecking order of playing time this month? Nick Senzel has 15 plate appearances this month, 12th on the team. Curt Casali has 6, 14th.

What a night pulling The Sword at TQL last Saturday night. Having 25,000+ FC Cincinnati fans cheering as you hoist a sword in the air is really, really cool. I was honored to be asked. I wanted to honor The Bailey and the new tradition. I didn't want to screw it up...stab myself....or slip and fall after the rain.

The Sports Sync Radio I use to match radio audio to TV pictures remains out of stock. I emailed the company and told them it would be a big seller around here. Have not heard a timeline on availability.

I think I could live in a Tiny House in retirement. Kelly, I'm not so sure.

This Reds team was never as good as we all hoped. That doesn't mean they are bad. It means they played at a 101 win pace for over two months and we got ahead of ourselves. Maintaining that level was not a reasonable expectation, especially of a young team. They won 12 in a row. They lost 6 in a row. Gonna happen. It's a tremendous learning experience for a young team. If you thought it was going to be easy jumping from 62-100 to winning the NL Central in one season, we need a longer talk.

I appreciate the spin offered by Joe Mixon's agent. But how much credit does one get for taking a new contract vs being cut?

Going into Friday night: Andrew Abbott, 55.2 innings + Ben Lively, 55.2 innings = 2.91 ERA in 111.1 innings combined.

So, NFL running backs are all bent out of shape because the position is being devalued and they aren't making as much money. Boo hoo. The game evolves, ask fullbacks.

If a MLB umpire is being fooled by a catcher framing a pitch, he's a poor umpire.

What would it take for some fans to understand that Jake Fraley is doing well because he's facing RHP and not having to face much LHP? He's 3 for 31 vs LHP this year (.097) and 20 for 145 (.138) vs LHP in his career. Why is this so hard to understand?

I've never seen Blazing Saddles.

The contact play in baseball is going to be the single reason I need a new pacemaker battery earlier than anticipated.

We've been missing two steak knives from our holder in the kitchen for about six months. Found one this week under the couch. Maybe the other one is with my missing socks?

Remember when Max & Erma's use to have the old style telephones at your table? The light fixture above you table had your table number. You could make calls to another table. Looking back, what a weird concept.

TJ Friedl last 16 starts: 4 runs scored, .188 batting average, .268 on-base.

I wish I had enough time to worry about the Madden Ratings of NFL players.

Talking with Boomer Esiason takes me back to a happy place as a fan. I had his jersey. I'm left-handed. Boomer and Kenny Anderson are my two all-time favorites.

Really cool that FC Cincinnati USL legend Jimmy McLaughlin came up to us to say hello last Saturday night at TQL. We are big fans of that dude. He's an ambassador for the team these day.

I was listening to Play Deep, the first album by The Outfield. Man, did Tony Lewis have a voice, or what?

Anyone else have a clock radio they'd would almost rather throw out than try to reprogram stations when the power goes out?

Remember when I use to 'give out' three golfers as part of our weekly golf game on my afternoon show?

I feel this post has become less random and more forced, so I'm going to scale back on the frequency of posting. I haven't decided exactly what that means.

Don't worry about things you don't care about

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