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40th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

40th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

Things that popped into my head this week

Big thanks for all the recommendations for Savannah and Asheville! 

I brought seven different baseball caps on our seven day vacation. It's a wardrobe match thing. 

I coordinate the final couple of bites of a meal so my last bite is my favorite part of the meal. Example: End on a bite of steak, not asparagus or potato. 

If you don’t appreciate how David Bell’s even keel/steady handed approach sets the tone for a young club you really aren't paying attention.

I'll admit to dumpster diving a couple of times as a kid. I collected special edition RC Cola cans with baseball player pictures on the side. I remember going in for a Dave Cash, Al Oliver and Tug McGraw.  

Travel ripoffs: The cost of airline travel (we drove) and hotel check in at 4pm and checkout 10am. That's an 18 hour rate.

Do you realize of all the players acquired in trades at last year’s deadline only Spencer Steer is currently on this team?  

Hello Big 12. Goodbye AAC and games vs East Carolina, Tulane and Tulsa. Hallelujah.

The one year change/makeover of this Reds team, from athleticism, style of play, approach at the plate and feistiness is pretty damn incredible. 

I spent a college spring break playing pickup basketball in Panama City. We had a Butler basketball player with us. We won a lot of beer. Probably an NCAA violation. But I'm thinking the statute of limitations has expired.

How did FC Cincinnati goalkeeper Roman Celentano not get an all-star game selection? 

I have about six hours of continuous driving in me. Beyond that I get bored and tired. 

Ever consider how much a vacation revolves around food and where you are eating? 

Wait, Adam Jones called out Andy Dalton for the Bengals coming up short in the postseason on The Zach Gelb Podcast? 1. Why take a shot years later? 2. Adam calling out anyone is rich. 

I think TJ Friedl’s career development might be the most unexpected by a Reds player in my lifetime. I just didn’t see this coming. 

When I was a teenager , I wrote a Letter to the Editor of the Indianapolis Star complaining about Herb and Mel Simon, the owners of the Pacers. I also wrote a Letter to the Editor of The Sporting News taking offense to those comparing the 1984 Detroit Tigers to the Big Red Machine. Both got published.

Cool thing about vacation: You can eat ice cream at 4:45 and call it dinner. 

Will Benson is up to .299. Do you know how hard that is after starting 1 for 25? He's gone 28 for 72 since (.389) and has an OBP of .393.

I think the oddest responses I get on Facebook might be the people that actually seem bothered that I wear baseball caps of other teams. Do you only wear on team? I like hats with cool logos.

Less than a year after 100 losses, Dave Bell has navigated a team into first place with 11 players currently on the IL, including four starting pitchers, and the third worst rotation in MLB. Plus, a power challenged offense that is still No. 7 in MLB in runs score. And yet.... people still complain about him. That is hilarious. 

Don't worry about things you don't care about.

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