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Brewery visit No. 55: Fabled Brew Works

A new brewery has opened in Erlanger, KY: Fabled Brew Works. It became our 55th brewery visit within 50 miles of our home in Independence, KY.
331 Kenton Lands Rd Suite 300.

The spot certainly has a different look than other breweries on our tour. The taproom has a storybook feel with a fantasy forest. There is a hollowed tree behind the bar, door to a thatched-roof cottage on one wall and kind of a half-timbered storefront with books in the windows.

The beer names and taproom design is a nod to Dungeons & Dragons and Lord of the Rings. While I was never a Dungeons & Dragons and Lord of the Rings guy, it's a cool look and, let's be honest, I'm there for the beer.

It's a craft brewery and meadery that feature sours, barrel-aged beers, and IPAs.

John Ewers, who has been at Streetside and Listermann, is their head brewer and co-owner.

Give the group props. They rolled out 25 different beers at the open. Dang. That's impressive.

Everything from a Classic American Lager to New England IPA, Coffee Blonde, Stouts, etc.

They have a series of ice cream-inspired imperial fruited sours: Fee, Fi, Fo and Fum, a series of (peach pie, coconut cream pie, key lime pie and blackberry cobbler) and Gnome Sayin’ (a hazy IPA). They also make on-site and serve different selections of mead (alcoholic drink made by fermenting honey mixed with water).

Kelly and I each went with our traditional flight sample, four pours of four beers.

My selections:
-Loot...a really killer Coffee Blonde with Vanilla
-Gnome Saying.....Hazy Pale Ale
-Fum.......Blackberry Cobbler a la Mode
-Merliner Weisse......Mango, Guava, Passion fruit
Kelly's selections:
-The Witching Sour....Raspberry, Blackberry, Vanilla
-Fee.....Peach Pie a la mode
-Cherry Bounce Jr.....Cherry Mead
-Kraken.......Mexican Lager Lime

Next time, I want to try the Brobdingnagian (Fat Elvis: Peanut butter, Marshmallow, Banana) and Squatterbloat (Nutella Stracciatella Stout).

The staff we talked to seem like a pretty cool group of friends. The people sitting at the bar felt like 'regulars' had already developed.

It's not a big space....4,000 square feet with a front patio. We sat on the front patio at one of probably eight picnic tables that have umbrellas.

They are located right next door to a kids fun center in the complex. We laughed at the idea we could have dropped off Casey and Peyton when they were little and sat and sampled beer while they played.

tables with umbrellas. They don’t have food, but host food trucks.

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