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35th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

35th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

Things that popped into my head this week

Bashing anything and everything the Reds do seems to have become the cool thing to do in some circles, but things are trending in a really exciting direction.

Findlay Market is such a really cool place to spend a weekend afternoon. Walk, shop, have a beer and grab dinner to take home for the grill!

All 13 Bengals candidates deserve and will wind up in the Ring of Honor. It's just a matter of the order. I lean to older players, wanting them to be able to experience the honor. That means Bob Trumpy (78) and LeMar Parrish (75). The Bengals delay in doing this has created a major backlog.

Sports are an escape. They are fun. I just can't imagine committing a lot of time to being angry and cynical about sports.

What would you say is the average response time when sending your spouse a text? I would set Kelly's response time somewhere between still waiting and never.

Wait, the Reds are off on Memorial Day?

I wear contacts. I'm actually considering LASIK, for the first time. Should I? I just can't imagine watching it open through my own eyes. Creeps me out.

I loved going to Indy 500 qualifying.....more so than the race. We always took the qualifying grid from the Indianapolis Star newspaper to fill in the speeds.
I can still hear the voice of track announcer Tom Carnegie in the 80's......."we have a new track record"......and........"heeeeeee's on it!"

Ever wonder why it seems most of the people bothered by the number of opposing fans at GABP, aren't at GABP themselves?

Kelly has introduced Peyton to 'Alias', with Jennifer Garner (ABC '01-'06). 1. I forgot how good that show was....and let's be honest, how much I appreciated her wardrobe..... 2. Bradley Cooper was Will Tippin?..... 3. Ron Rifkin and Victor Garber are fantastic.

Isn't it frustrating when rain forces you into a midweek lawn mowing and throws everything out of whack?

You know what I don't get? The Kroger deli puts a big plastic price sticker over the ziploc portion of your cheese and lunchmeat bag. Do you know how hard it is to take the sticker off to open the bag, without ripping the bag and then having fo find something else to put it in?!!!

Kelly always shakes her head at how fast I eat. Radio people become conditioned to eat in the window of the length of a commercial break.

When Elly arrives this town is going to be flipped upside down.

We stood and watched the FC Cincinnati supporter march last Saturday. It's the most amazing fan aspect of Cincinnati sports going.

While the NFL is working on rule changes this week, go ahead and fully eliminate the kickoff. It serves absolutely no purpose.

I spotted the first mole hill in our yard this week. Dammit!

I had the pleasure of meeting two members of FC Cincinnati staff last week: Josh King (Coordinator of Corporate Partnerships) and Taylor McCarthy (Manager of Partnership Activation). Impressive. I love the passion, energy, vision and 'get it' factor from the people I meet from the club.

Amazing perspective from Jake Query, Indy 500 turn announcer and guest on Sports Talk this week: Approximately 1 in every 1,000 people in this country will attend Sunday's race (350,000). I've attended 12 races. No better people watching experience.

In grade school, we did square dancing one week in gym class. I have no idea why. I do remember do-si-do and allemande left.

I will never understand why a baserunner thinks they can slide into 1st base faster than running through 1st base.

Jungle To The Hall, June 10, is going to be pretty sweet. Billed as a 'mini Bengals Fest', Bengals Jim and company have a permit to take over The Banks!

I stopped at McDonald's yesterday and got one item. A large Coke. So damn good.

I get people being upset/mad with my opinion. It's part of the gig. If we always agreed it would be boring. What I don't understand is being upset about my facts.

I covered Carb Day multiple times during Indy 500 week. I will always remember Rick Mears rolling around on his scooter because he had bad feet from crashes.

Would have lost a bet: Reds starting rotation ERA is 6.04 (29th).....bullpen ERA is 3.72 (11th).

Did you ever do this chant during your Little League game? 'We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher.' about 'pitcher's of his rocker, looks like Betty Crocker."?

I'm addicted to Kirkland Signature Krinkle Cut Kettle Chips, Himalayan Salt.

What is happening each weekend at the Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Fields is hard to put into words. It is inspiring. It is moving. The players may be facing challenges in their lives, but the smiles on their faces and their joy experienced during those games is something everyone should get to experience. It's powerful. Stop by one Saturday and cheer them on. The work being done by the Joe Nuxhall Foundation is incredible!

Anyone else have a mom that made the pitcher of Kool-Aid for everyone during a wiffle ball break? Mine used the Dixie Cups with the riddles on them.

Don't worry about things you don't care about.

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