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34th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

34th edition of My Random Thoughts: Sports, TV, music, food, life.......

Things that popped into my head this week

FC Cincinnati currently has the most points (27) in all of MLS. Amazing.

There isn't another current athlete I'd rather have as the face and voice of a franchise than Joe Burrow. The awareness, the savvy, the relatability and big picture understanding is simply off the charts impressive.

I think it's going to be really fascinating to see what happens when Elly De La Cruz comes up and what it means for the look of the Reds infield. Will they ask Jonathan India to move to LF?

I think the two biggest evolutions in my life are my interest in soccer and country music......a third would be liking mushrooms.

Years ago someone in the Reds organization said to me, "Neither the fans or the owner have the patience and understanding to make it through a rebuild."

Rarely is the development of young players a straight line of uninterrupted progress. I wish more Reds fans could accept that with Hunter Greene, Graham Ashcraft, Nick Lodolo and other prospects.

I really appreciate FC Cincinnati midfielder Lucho Acosta wanting to do an interview on Sports Talk and pulling off eight minutes in English. He knocked it out of the park.

I think if I could change one thing about Sports Talk radio it would be for listeners to be just as motivated to call with something positive as they are to call and complain.

You know why I don't get worked up about the Reds lineup? Because David Bell knows more about what's best for his players and the matchups than I do.

I've grown to accept, understand and appreciate so many aspects of soccer. I still wish the amount of stoppage time added would be displayed on the screen and scoreboard.

Man, I'd put Jim Brown on a short list of athletes I'd like to take a time machine back to see play in person. Hey, that might be a topic next week.

My WSBT-TV News Director, Bill Crafton, use to say to me, "would you just give the scores, please?" He didn't like me injecting my opinion. Guess that's why I'm in talk radio.

The Chipotlane at our Chipotle in Independence is pretty sweet. You order on online and pick up at the drive-through window. No drive up ordering.

The more I watch games, watch pitchers, listen to pitchers talk, listen to The Cowboy on games, the more I wonder about Tyler Stephenson's ability to call a game and handle a pitching staff.

We are big Keurig fans. Casey and Peyton got us one for Christmas two years ago. I can highly recommend the new iHOP Buttery Syrup coffee pod. Stir in some French Vanilla creamer and giddyup.

FC Cincinnati media relations has lined up the following guests for fans to hear from on Sports Talk this season: Brandon Vazquez, Lucho Acosta, Nick Hagglund, Roman Celentano (2x), coach Pat Noonan (2x) and GM Chris Albright. What a great way to connect players to a fanbase and a different audience.

As someone that has followed the Reds since the 1970's, I've never seen this level depth of talent in the minor league system. That doesn't guarantee MLB success. It does excite me.

The show first interview I ever did when I came back to town in 1997 (WBOB) was with Charlotte Athletic Director Judy Rose. It was the day after Charlotte fans had pelted UC basketball players with ice and pennies during a game. I asked her if it was normal for their fans to act like Neanderthals? She hung up on me.

It is weird that I'm reaching a point of obsession with finding air-fryer recipes on TikTok? I even fixed Kelly breakfast with one this morning. Now, for the record, I've emailed her ALL the other recipes.

The only sports figure I ever had a running feud with, that I'm aware of, is former Notre Dame basketball coach Digger Phelps.

I don't know how Mike Moustakas looked his former Reds teammates in the eyes this week after stealing money for three seasons and then losing 20+ pound this offseason to play for the Rockies.

We had tickets to Game 5 of the 1976 World Series. I remember debating with my dad whether we should hope the Reds lost Game 4 so the series would come back to Riverfront.

I'd love to see a breakdown of cash distribution through Cincy Reigns to athletes at UC....including which athletes have the largest deals.

I put salt on absolutely nothing I eat and put pepper on just about everything I eat.

When I was working at WVMP radio in Chicago, we were the home of the Blackhawks. The only time I ever asked my boss for tickets to a game was to see Wayne Gretzky.

Kelly and I had a late night draft to determine which day of performances we'd attend at the Voice of American Country Fest. She took Dan + Shay No. 1.
I took Lainey Wilson No. 2.....I considered trading up to take Old Dominion No. 1, but Kelly was not budging. It was my late round steal of Chayce Beckham that settled things. If I was about 30 years younger I would have said screw it and gone to all four days of the event.

I have to do a better job of coming to grips with the fact that any Reds loss is David Bell's fault and any Reds win happens in spite of him.

Don't worry about things you don't care about

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